'Revenge' Recap: A Heartbreaking Death Brings Emily and Jack Closer (VIDEO)

revenge finaleI'd heard that someone was going to die in this week's episode of Revenge -- but it never occurred to me that it would be SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT Sammy the dog! I guess it makes sense considering he's 20 years old. I was just wondering during last week's flashback -- what kind of vitamins is this dog taking to still be alive?!?

And it sucks especially because of all the characters on Revenge, he has to be the most innocent and lovable. But that's how Revenge rolls.

And now we've discovered where Emily is at her most vulnerable: Sammy is the crux of all her memories. The happy times with her father, that fateful night when he was arrested, and her childhood best friend, Jack.


Speaking of Jack! Wow, they finally kiss. That's about the most honest thing Emily has done all season. It's sad that it was under such heartbreaking circumstances. Jack came over to help to bury Sammy with Emily, they hugged, and then the best kiss of the season! Can I please let out a little "yay" or would that be sick?

Unforch peeping Ashley saw that kiss. Ooh, that's gonna cost Emily.

Okay, so that was the best part for me. But least we forget, there's a master plan for revenge afoot. Now Emily has her sights on the White Haired Man. Emily wants to bring him back out so she can kill him. Nolan has his doubts -- and for once he blocks her from taking her revengenda too far. "You may be a lot things: a black belt in karate, an impeccable dresser, and a certifiable sociopath, but you’re not a killer."

Ha! Love Nolan's one-liners. But he's right -- Em's capable of life-destroying damage, but murder?

While she sits through a wedding planning/PR meeting with Daniel and Ashley (this is before THE KISS), Nolan is out doing her dirty work. He manages to plant the whale cam in The White Haired Man's house -- but TWHM is suspicious.

Victoria visits Conrad's Manhattan apartment and discovers the De Kooning painting they've been fighting over and a half-dressed Lydia Davis. She offers Lydia immunity to collude against Conrad. She also find the De Kooning is a fake and Conrad has hiding evidence inside of it. She grabs it of course.

But she doesn't hold onto it for long. Daniel threatens to disown her as his mother if she betrays his father, so she gives in and hands over the evidence. Emily watches from video -- all the evidence she needs to clear her father's name is right there! Can she get her hands on it?

When Nolan watches the video feed from the White Haired Man's house, he notices it looks fake -- the clocks are wrong. And then -- an arm comes out from nowhere and Nolan is strangled! NO! Next to Sammy, Nolan was my favorite character. Tell me he's just lost consciousness and we'll see him again next week!

Is Emily really capable of murder?


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