'DWTS' Results Recap: William Levy's Hotness Ultimately Sealed His Fate


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I gotta admit, this has to be one of the first times in Dancing With the Stars history that the last four remaining couples all deserved one of the three spots in next week's finals. And though some performances have definitely outshone others, Katherine Jenkins, Maria Menounos, Donald Driver, and William Levy have all brought their A-game to the ballroom this season.

And even though he can shake his booty like nobody's business and has performed very well on DWTS this season, the fact that William Levy is about the sexiest human being on the face of the earth likely earned him more than a few votes from women who have been glued to their TV screens like lovesick teenagers each week. This season is clearly one huge popularity contest -- and being sexy definitely equals being one of the cool kids. Of course William and Cheryl made it to the finals. (Was there ever any doubt?)


It's pretty obvious that votes from home viewers, not the judges scores, are what carry these contestants through each week. And honestly, I wasn't at all shocked when it was announced that Katherine and Mark had made it through to the next round. She's been a super hot topic today after her little mishap during last night's Salsa -- plus she's been a fan favorite all season.

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And when it was Maria & Derek's turn to learn whether or not they were in jeopardy for going home this week -- the popularity contest was only affirmed even further. Because based solely on their performances and their high scores last night, there's no reason they should've landed in the bottom two. It's pretty obvious that people vote based solely on who they want to see in the finals -- not necessarily who deserves it the most.

Donald Driver was an amazing competitor this season, but I wasn't at all surprised when he and Peta wound up in jeopardy tonight. The majority of viewers aren't very familiar with professional athletes. Donald got less votes because reality TV addicts typically aren't sports fanatics, and Maria ended up in the bottom two because people didn't vote based on technique.

And as host Tom Bergeron so eloquently put it, "No matter which way this goes, it's gonna suck." And unfortunately, this was the end of the road for Maria Menounos. She will be truly missed, but her beautiful work this season will not be forgotten.

Who are you rooting for in next week's finals?

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