'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: 5 Moments That Left Us Speechless

Briana Wolfsmith and Vicki GunvalsonTonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County covered a lot of territory. From surgery to a birthday party, engagement ring shopping to an all-out mother-daughter brawl, a whole heck of a lot happened in the O.C. 

There were no major gatherings or awkwardly concocted events that brought all of the Housewives together for a change, but each one brought a little of their own drama, which in Housewives terms means -- some crazy sh*t went down. Here are five of the most outrageous moments from the night.


1. Alexis Bellino’s Party for Her Twins

Well I guess she proved that she can do it all -- which was her self-declared mission in throwing the elaborate puppies and princesses party for her 4-year-old twins. She proved she could spend a lot of money, get other people to do everything for her, then proceed to make the party all about her.

The speech she made before her twins descended the staircase for their grand entrance was just embarrassing. She started by telling a room of toddlers how she almost DIED while she delivered them, then went on to recount the medical details of her pulmonary embolism, including all of the drugs she had to take. “ ... and that’s what today’s all about,” she concluded. The horse-drawn Cinderella carriage ride at the end of the party ... just left me speechless.

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2. Slade Smiley Shopping for a Ring

There he was at the fancy jewelry shop, looking for a ring for Gretchen Rossi. Even though he asked her father for her hand in marriage and he said NO, Slade still wanted to get a ring, and asked Heather Dubrow to help him pick one. I thought she might die when he asked if they could put an imitation stone in the center for now, so he could save up the money for the real bling. The answer was no, by the way.

Slade has grown on me lately, but the dude still has massive debt and no real job. Just say no, Gretchen.

3. Tamara Barney’s Simon-Free Finger

Getting Simon’s name off of her finger was a great move for closure ... and to get Eddie to put a ring on it. When she asked him over dinner if he’d propose if she got it done, then whipped out her gnarly, stitched-up finger, I thought Eddie might pass out. He recovered nicely by saying it gave him a boner, but Tamra killed that quickly by repeatedly reminding him that she’s five years older than him and has four kids. Shhhh, maybe he hadn't noticed yet.

4. Briana Taking on Vicki Gunvalson

Briana Wolfsmith has balls, that’s for sure, and she isn’t afraid to stand up to her mother. She told her flat out that she thinks Brooks Ayers is an opportunist, and shot her mom down when she kept trying to compare her and Brooks to Ryan and Briana. It's SO not the same thing.

5. Heather Dubrow’s Insane House

She has a monogrammed floor. ‘Nuff said.

What moments did you find most shocking tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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