'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Ex Fails at Love Again

ryan edwards and dalis connellWell, looks like another Teen Mom relationship has bitten the dust! Maci Bookout's ex and baby Bentley's daddy Ryan Edwards has split up with Dalis Connell, his girlfriend of almost a year. Edwards announced the breakup on Twitter (where else?), tweeting, "Well I'm single and ready to mingle! ;)" and Dalis posted a mirror image tweet, "The rumors are true.. im very single!"

Fans are probably going to be "boo"-ing this news, since not only is it disconcerting for little Bentley to lose Dalis (who had seemed to step into a stepmom-type role with him), but the couple seemed genuinely happy. Well, that is if you bought their perpetual online PDA dog and pony show ...


Ever since the two met at a concert last June, they became something of an internet sensation, a web power couple! They flaunted their mushiest moments from Twitter to Facebook to even self-produced YouTube Q&A sessions. For a while there, fans were being bombarded with Twitpics of the happy couple almost every few days. We shoulda known then that this relationship was bound to fall apart!

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Anytime a couple feels the need to constantly play show and tell with their relationship, boasting through pics and updates and videos that they're so totally together and happy, it feels like the reality might actually be quite the opposite. Or maybe it's just that there's more trouble in paradise than they're willing to let on. Either way, all that online PDA is comes off as desperate and insecure. It only leads others to wonder, What does this couple feel they have to prove?

Ah well. Now that Dalis and Ryan are both "single and ready to mingle," maybe they can find relationships they won't need to boast about using all the social media bells and whistles. Only then should fans buy that they're genuinely happy.

Do you agree that when a couple is constantly playing "show and tell," it comes off as desperate and insecure?

Check out photos of Maci Bookout with her new boyfriend!

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