Katherine Jenkins' 'DWTS' Injury Could Cost Her the Competition (VIDEO)

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This morning, many Dancing With the Stars fans are wondering what exactly happened to Katherine Jenkins at the end of her performance last night, and whether or not she is going to be able to dance in the final if she makes it through tonight's elimination. In case you missed it, during one of the final moves of her Salsa, Katherine sort of stopped suddenly, then put her hands up to her face and started breathing heavily, as if she were about to faint.

Katherine insisted that she was ok, but it wasn't really clear exactly what happened to her, although it was fairly obvious that she was in some sort of pain. Her partner, Mark Ballas gave an update on her condition -- and did confirm via Twitter that she'd hurt her back during the dance.


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Mark later talked to Zap2It and gave a few more details, along with what sounds like an indication that she is going to be ok. He said:

I think she's okay because she can walk. Usually when you do something to your bones or — like, I've had muscle spasms and dislocations and ribs, and once you do something bad, that's it. You can't get up. But she got up pretty quick. She's out there dusting it off. She's not being a baby. She's tough.

Back injuries are definitely not something you want to mess with, so hopefully Katherine at least went to a doctor to get checked out this morning. Thankfully, the judges seemed pretty understanding of her little mishap, and all three gave her scores of "9" for her performance. But at this point in the DWTS competition, anything is possible, and there's always the chance of losing a spot in the final, and/or the mirror ball trophy, if you don't achieve perfect scores during the last few dances. Katherine does has some pretty stiff competition in Maria Menounos, William Levy, and Donald Driver, so what happens on tonight's results show is anyone's guess.

But if Katherine and Mark do land themselves one of the coveted spots in the finals, hopefully she'll take a day or two off and rest up a bit. The last thing she needs is to get this far into the competition only to throw her back out and have to forfeit her spot.

Pay close attention to the end of her salsa performance in the video clip below to see what happened to Katherine.

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