'Smash' Season Finale Recap: Karen Carries Bombshell & Doesn't Bomb (VIDEO)

smashWell that was fast! Just minutes into the season finale of Smash we get a hasty decision over who will replace movie star Rebecca as Marilyn. Everyone wants Ivy but Derek runs into wardrobe, feels up all the costumes, and gets the vision: It's Karen. We've seen it before -- Derek's gut has been telling him it's Karen.

And that's that! We spend the rest of the episode watching everyone else second-guess that decision. She's not ready. She's not right. Hell, even I'm disappointed. (Team Ivy, even when she's a wicked, sulky bitch!) But Derek is committed to his vision. Nothing, no one, can change his mind.

But there's still one big o'l surprise waiting for us.


But first, here's a NOT-surprise. Ellis tells Eileen he put peanuts in Rebecca's smoothie. He crows it like he did her a major favor. She fires him on the spot like any sane, responsible adult would. Geez, Ellis, don't reveal the sausage factory to the customer! That was just foolish. "You haven't heard he last of this" Ellis snarls like a caped villan before stomping off. I'm sure we'll see him again. 

We get a lovely moment with Julia that starts out a little scary. Frank sees Julia with Michael and doesn't know how he'll ever trust her again. "Trust that the good things are better than the mistakes," Julia tells her husband. She wants to build again with good memories that will drown out the heartbreak and doubt. And then she gets a flicker of inspiration: Something good better than the bad! Finally, an answer to that final number she's been trying to write with Tom.

And now for something bad -- well, for Ivy. She asks Derek why he picked Karen over her. "I just see her, that's all. She just has something you don't." Ivy is heartbroken. And could Dev have possibly picked a worse moment to ask her if she's found the ring? Of course she's not going to tell doofus she's got it right in her handbag. 

And then Eileen yells for all the world to hear that Karen is not ready. 

Ivy doesn't keep that ring. She's not a monster! She gives it to Karen and reveals that she slept with Dev. So -- she's still not a monster, but wow. That was the girl equivalent of putting peanuts in Rebecca's smoothie.

Karen loses it -- runs off stage, throws off the Marilyn costume, and bawls in her underwear. Derek finds her and gives her a "use this heartbreak" pep talk. Karen says he doesn't know anything about love. Whatever, she still doesn't get that he's totally besotted with her.

Did I mention? A Jonas Brother shows up randomly to tell Eileen it has to be Ivy. So that's super helpful.

Julia vomits. She never vomits. She hasn't vomited since she was pregnant with her -- OMG, SHE'S PREGNANT JUST LIKE I KNEW SHE WOULD BE. Next season: Julia and Frank try to make a good thing (baby) out of a bad thing (affair with Michael). Goodluckwiththat.

Back to the central drama. There's actually a confrontation on stage: Karen vs. Ivy, both in costume, Derek vs. Everybody Else In The World. Somehow Derek wins, and it's STILL KAREN, you people!

And what do you know, she pulls it off. 

Before she goes on stage Derek whispers in her ear, "Whatever happens next, always know: You're a star. And I do understand love." It's like he knows he'll have to give in to Ivy eventually, but he wants to enjoy his Cartwright Girl moment -- and he wants Karen to enjoy her star turn, too.

But we'll have to wait for the next season to see what happens.

Do you think Karen will keep the role of Marilyn? And will Julia and Frank keep the baby -- together?


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