'Survivor: One World' Winner Sets Up Next Season's Craziness

In an unfair Survivor world, Kat would have won last night's finale, and she would have announced that blindsides really were "fun and exciting," before nonsensically murmuring "touché" as she accepted the million dollar prize. Or Alicia would have been the winner, thus proving that being a giant b-i-t-c-h gets you places, as does a horrendously unflattering bikini top.

(Seriously, that thing was tortured. Probst should have had a special price just for the worst Survivor outfit so Alicia could sweep the vote.)

Luckily, it was 29-year-old Kim who outwit, outplayed, and outlasted her fellow teammates. Lovely blue-eyed Kim, who masterminded the collapse of the men, relentlessly dominated in challenges, and was well-liked by almost everyone. Kim proved you don't have to be a weasel to win the game, and she was so popular she even nabbed the fan favorite award.

Kim was also, sadly for this season, incredibly boring.


I mean, hey. I'm not saying she's a boring person. She seems awesome, actually—level-headed, warm, and whip-smart without being snarky. But she was boring to watch, because she didn't stir up any craziness, and whether it's right or wrong, we watch shows like Survivor for the craziness. That's why the Survivor villains become water-cooler topics, and people like Kim … well, it doesn't really matter how well she played the game, she'll never be remembered in the same way as, say, Richard Hatch or Russell Hantz.

According to Jeff Probst,

The challenge with Kim is she is not as dynamic — ie, she’s normal. She did it all without raising any fuss at all and so though one of the nicest and most well rounded players, she may be less remembered than others.

Yeah, without having caused any drama or pulled any super-evil stunts (who could forget Johnny Fairplay and his weepy lie about his dead grandmother?), Kim's probably destined to be forgotten. That was the trouble with this season, there just wasn't much to keep viewers interested. The more obnoxious players weren't really that dramatic, and Kim's calming presence seemed to almost create a soporific effect on the entire show. Even Alicia's "ghetto Puerto Rican" head-bobbing rants to the camera were just kind of a snooze.

The yawnfest of this season is exactly why next season's Survivor is going to be very, very different, says Probst.

Next season is going to be a return to GREAT Survivor. I really believe we will remind the audience of how fun Survivor can be. I think this season was a bit of a letdown. No fault of the Survivors, we are the producers. We just didn’t have the standout moments and characters needed for a great season. We do next season.

Next season is all about the wacky twist. Survivor: Philippines recently wrapped filming, and the show’s big gimmick is that there will be three returning players who were medically evacuated in a previous season. Each returning player will be on a different tribe, so the show is moving back to a three-tribe format.

Hmmm. So basically, it's a great excuse to bring back Colton, who EVERYONE hated this season. Once again, the villains prove they make better television than the heroes.

Do you agree this season was kind of boring? Do you think it's because the cast wasn't crazy/devious enough?

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