Farewell 'Desperate Housewives' & Long Live 'Real Housewives'

desperate housewives

Is it me, or does it seem like everyone kind of forgot all about Desperate Housewives until its season finale last night? I haven't heard so much as a peep about that show in ages. 

You could say it's because they replaced their awesome first-season writers and ever since then the show has gurgled down the soap opera toilet. And that's probably part of it. But here's my theory: Real Housewives of New York/Atlanta/Everywhere Else killed Desperate Housewives.


Seriously, the Real Housewives franchise basically ATE Desperate Housewives like Godzilla. We all know those reality shows are almost as scripted as Desperate Housewives. (I like to think of reality TV as a form of improv.) So It's kind of a stretch to say we prefer the "real thing" to fiction. 

But maybe, just maybe, what we love is just the right mix of reality and make-believe. I mean NeNe Leakes, Teresa Giudice, Kelly Bensimon -- these are real people with craycray personalities. And the imagineers of Real Housewives knew just the right way to bring out that craycray.

Still, we wouldn't have the Real Housewives if it weren't for the Desperate Housewives. RHOC star Gretchen Rossi says she's a huge fan of DH. "It inspired the Real Housewives franchise -- and honestly, I feel I owe a lot to Marc Cherry for creating a show that inspired a real life version of housewives!" You could say Desperate Housewives is Real Housewives' mama. And that mama should be proud even if she died last night.

What's your favorite Housewives show?


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