'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Back in Jail & Her Excuses Don't Fly

Amber PortwoodIt's no wonder Amber Portwood is always in trouble. The Teen Mom was dragged back to jail late last week for violating her probation. And her mom, Tonya Portwood, is busy blabbing to the media that it's all a big misunderstanding. Gee, apple doesn't fall far from the excuses tree, does it?

The way Tonya tells it, Amber missed a necessary court date, which prompted the arrest, because she had gallbladder surgery. Because the doctor ordered she have bed rest, the embattled teen mom couldn't get off her behind and show up for court. Mean judge? Not so much.


Amber has been around the legal block a few times by now. She could have prevented this one herself. She knows she's on probation. She knew she was having surgery. All she had to do was ask her surgeon to write her a note explaining the full treatment plan in detail, then walk it over to the courthouse. The judge would have known why she didn't show, the cops wouldn't have been called, and Amber would not be sitting in the slammer. 

Pretty easy, huh? Heck, she didn't have to do this by herself. That's what you pay a lawyer for. But even her lawyer says Portwood screwed up here. She told the court about surgery, they granted some leniency, but her lawyer told the local paper that they found out "things came to light that she could have been doing more." So much for having to be on bed rest.

This is from her OWN lawyer, folks, the person who is supposed to defend her. If he is willing to say that Portwood is just making excuses, she's making excuses.

Who's surprised? Really? No one should be ... sadly.

We've seen often enough on MTV that forethought is not Amber's strong suit. When cops first began investigating her for domestic violence, over assault of ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley that she did right in front of the TV cameras, she still managed to whine and moan and try to blame him for somehow "making" her lash out and hit him. And when she tried to commit suicide last year, her family once again tried to say Gary was at fault, rather than focusing on the cry for mental health help that a suicide really is.

I feel bad for Amber that she had to have her gallbladder out; I really do. I here it's painful. But I'm not going to feel bad that a judge put her back in jail when she could have prevented it.

How about you? What do you think should have happened to Amber here?


Image via MTV

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