'True Blood' Season 5 Extended Trailer Promises More Sex & Plasma Than Ever (VIDEO)

eric and billThere will be blood, Truebies.

Oh yes. There will be blood ... and this extended True Blood Season 5 trailer just released by HBO is proof!

So things are looking pretty ominous in Bon Temps this time around -- I mean, even more so than usual. At one point Lafayette calls Sookie an "angel of death!"

Hooker don't mess around, so sh*t must be ALL kinda crazy up in there.

Now I have even more questions about this season than I did before (namely, how much naked screentime will Alexander Skarsgard get, exactly?). And no matter how many times I replay the trailer and hit "pause," I'm still mystified!


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Here are my Top 5 True Blood Season 5 questions:

  1. Wtf, is Tara dead or not?!
  2. Um, did I just see Jessica feeding on Sookie in a bathroom stall (in a very mutual sort of erotic faerie/vampess moment)!?
  3. Why is Eric wearing a top hat and a "puffy shirt" with blood-covered hands like some kind of evil magician from a Dickens novel?
  4. Were Pam and Eric just ... you know ... ?!?!?!
  5. Were Sookie and Alcide just ... you know ... ?!?!?!

Can you answer any of these questions?! Watch:

What are your top True Blood Season 5 questions?

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Image via trueblood/YouTube

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