'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Teresa Giudice vs. 'The Meanest Brother Ever'

Teresa GiudiceCaroline Manzo nailed it tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey when she summed up the problem Teresa Giudice has with Melissa Gorga. "She’s a better, younger version of you and that’s the problem," she said to Teresa via the camera. The truth hurts, but that's it exactly. Well that, plus the official insanity she diagnosed Teresa with as well.

The episode started out with both Teresa and Melissa recanting to their husbands their side of what happened at the summer solstice party. Melissa pretty much stuck to the facts, while Teresa spun her own tale, and Joe Giudice chimed in with a whole slew of offensive and immature names for everyone they knew. Melissa Gorga was "Horsey Face,” a gold digger, and a tramp; he deemed Joe Gorga "a little bitch," whose name should be Josephine. He even had the gall to go after lovable Rosie and called her a "butchie boy."


There are really no words for how despicable he is, and I almost started to feel sorry for Teresa for having to live with someone like that. Then she went and opened her mouth ... and any sympathy I had for her flew out the window.

I do, however, feel sorry for Joe Gorga who truly seems to want to work things out with his sister. While he may not be the "angel from God" he claimed to be, he does seem level-headed and genuinely interested in being a part of her life. She, however, just keeps shooting him down and even called him "The Meanest Brother Ever" tonight after he approached her to try and talk. Why? Because he dares to have a healthy relationship with his wife.

Teresa just won't budge at all, and threw out some pretty big words tonight, telling him things like, "You’re not my brother anymore" and "My brother has been brainwashed." His retort to Teresa, "I just want you to be normal." Keep dreaming, Joe.

Will they ever resolve this family feud? The odds aren't looking so good at this point (the little chat ended with him shouting, "F--k you, bitch"), but I wish they would because it would free up some more time for us to watch Jacqueline Laurita work out with her drunk trainer. Poor Jacqueline just can't get a break in the world of crazy, can she?

Do you think Teresa has any right to be mad at her brother?


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