'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Twitter Mistake Could Ruin Her Boyfriend's Birthday

maci bookoutLike most of her Teen Mom co-stars, Maci Bookout loves to keep her fans abreast of almost every move she makes via Twitter. And for the most part, watching her new romance with Kyle Regal play out via sweet, flirty tweets has been a treat for her followers. They're obviously head over heels for one another, so it's no surprise that Maci has begun working on plans for Kyle's upcoming birthday.

The supercross racer turns 21 on May 14. You know what that means! These two will be partying it up -- legally! And being that this is a milestone b-day, I wonder what Maci's going to get him as a gift? Sounds like she herself isn't sure yet.


She took to Twitter to crowd-source some suggestions for Kyle's birthday present, asking fans, "what should i get @kyleREGAL for his birthday?!"

Oh boy. I'm sure it was just a sweet gesture to "involve" her followers, but come on now. Is this really what it's come to? We have to crowd-source ideas for something as personal as a birthday gift? Laaame. Doesn't that cheapen it in a big way?

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The best birthday gifts from a significant other are always the most thoughtful ones, which probably stemmed from something only you know about one another. Like a vintage copy of your all-time most loved record or a container of just pink and red Starbursts (because those are your favorite).

I would hope that Maci knows Kyle well enough at this point to come up with a birthday gift that's above and beyond just cute or extravagant but totally generic. Because ultimately, those are the only kinds of ideas she's going to get from strangers on Twitter.

Have you ever "crowd-sourced" suggestions for something personal from people on Twitter?

Image via MTV

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