'Revenge' Recap: The Flashback Episode that Explains (Almost) Everything

revenge retroI love a flashback episode! This week we're hanging with Emily back when she was still Amanda Clark: Angry with lots of eyeliner and aggression. It's ten years ago, though it looks like the '90s. So much black leather and dull, listless hair. Anyway, Nolan (we miss your bouncin' golden locks!) is trying to take Amanda under his wing. She doesn't want a guardian but at least she finally reads her father's journals

And so it begins.


This episode was potentially a little confusing. We actually got a double flashback: ten years ago when Amanda Clarke returned to The Hamptons and began investigating her father's betrayal, and about a decade before that, when Victoria first met David Clarke. Two different New Year's Eve parties. So here's what we learn.

20 years ago: Victoria met David Clarke at a New Year's Eve party the Grayson's hosted. She was kind of creepy back then, too. But whatever, David thought she was hot.

10 years ago: After David Clarke was sent to prison (or maybe when he was killed?) the Graysons bought his beach house under a dummy corporation. But then Victoria's BFF and Grayson employee Lydia Davis wants it, so they sell it to her and her husband Michael.

Lydia Davis had testified (falsely) in court against David Clarke because she was in love with Conrad. She confesses this to Conrad and that's why he sells the house to her. And that's also when they begin their affair.

Roger Halstead is at this same party. He was a "true friend" of David Clarke's and was on the verge of telling Amanda what she needed to take down the Graysons -- but they had him killed that night and made it look like a suicide.

Jack and Declan moved with their father to the apartment above the bar because Nolan had just bought their house along with three other houses on the same block to make room for his billionaire modernist mansion. 

Years before Jack's mother left the family. But then she came back and demanded a divorce and half of everything. That's why Jack's father couldn't afford to keep the house -- but he never told the boys because he didn't want them to know their mother came back for her "half" and didn't bother to even say hello to her sons.

Apparently Jack has always been unlucky in love.

Treadwell sent the Graysons a provocative card reading "David Clarke SHAME" with blood splatters just to see what he could stir up for his next writing project. What he stirred up was Roger's murder -- Conrad thought it was Roger who sent the card. Victoria finds out it was Treadwell and tells him he's despicable. It's a wonder these two were ever able to be civil with each other ever again!

Next week -- It looks like Emily actually kills someone! Who could it be?

The season is almost over! What do you think Emily's next move will be?


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