Courtney Robertson & 'Bachelor' Ben Are Smart to Put Money & Fame First

ben flajnik courtney robertson

Even though his season of The Bachelor has been over for a couple months now, people still can't resist picking apart Ben Flajnik and mocking his engagement to Courtney Robertson. Good grief! When are people going to accept that these two are hopelessly in love with each other and could care less whether the world is happy for them or not?! (Gah!)

And if the initial attacks on Courtney & Ben after the show ended weren't bad enough, now there are reports insisting that they are only staying together for the sake of the money they're pulling in right now. I still think they're a great match and are in this relationship for the long haul, but even if they were hanging in there solely for the cash, could you really blame them? Because it's not an entirely bad reason to stick things out for at least a little bit longer.


Everyone knows that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette aren't really shows about finding true love anymore -- they're about breaking into the world of reality TV fame and starting a cush little career. And considering that Ben & Court raked in $125K for photos taken together, and another $25K for hosting an event at Pure nightclub in Vegas, I'd say they've got themselves a nice little nest egg stored away for their future (whether that be apart or together).

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I don't care if you meet in real life or on TV or how you get together with your significant other -- you can't predict the final outcome of your relationship without a crystal ball. For now, Courtney and Ben are smart to make as much money as they can and capitalize on their reality TV fame as much as possible for the sake of both of their careers. And if they wind up forming a lasting love connection in the process? Even better.

Do you think Ben & Courtney are faking their relationship for the sake of their fat paychecks?


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