Kailyn Lowry Has Every Right to Lash Out About Her Lip Ring

Kailyn LowryIt's no big secret that MTV's Teen Mom stars are fans of body piercings and tattoos. Between Maci Bookout's new ink and the beginnings of Kailyn Lowry's back tattoo in honor of her son Isaac, I can't keep up lately!

While Lowry may be stoked about her back ink, lately she's feeling not-so-fond of her lip ring. The MTV star spoke out on Twitter Friday, saying that "it's been like 4 years [and] I'm kinda over it." After getting a heavy slew of backlash about being a mom with a lip ring from her followers about her lip ring being "appropriate," the mom wrote back, "I don't care how many tattoos & piercings someone has. That DOES NOT determine what kind of parent he/she is."

I may not be a mom, but I'm with Kailyn on this one. The tattoos and the piercings you have are YOUR business and shouldn't affect anyone else.


On most occasions, tattoos and piercings are something you've thought long and hard about. You've decided that this is something you want. That's the key phrase: YOU. Whether it's a tattoo commemorating a lost loved one or a piercing you and your mom both got on a vacation to the Bahamas -- these are things that YOU have to live with. They're personal things. Things that mean something to YOU.

I can understand as a celebrity it's got to be super hard to constantly hear the criticism for your decisions. However, at one point or another, Kailyn knew that a lip ring was something SHE wanted. Plain and simple: Now, she doesn't want it. She's entitled to get rid of it. Does that mean that she won't take what people have to say to heart about her parenting skills? Of course not. But at least she can breathe easy knowing that she's making a decision that SHE wants.

Are you a fan of tattoos and piercings? Do you have a tattoo that means something special to you?


Image via MTV

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