'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham’s Smart Online Dating Tip + These 4 Others for Guys

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is offering dating advice on her blog. And, you know what? It's dead on. It's not exactly profound, but she addresses the single most important aspect of online dating: Putting up a photo that actually looks like you. I know that seems obvious, and yet so many men (and women, I imagine) don't do it. For the life of me, I can't imagine WHY a man would put up a 10-year-old photo -- one with a full head of hair when he is now bald, or one where he weighs 50 pounds less than he does now -- but it's unbelievably common. Advises Farrah:

If you can not show up on your first date maintaining the quality of your profile picture, I would say use a different picture that shows the more down to earth picture of the real you.

That's a nice way of saying, "We're not stupid, fellas. We're going to see what you look like eventually, so put up a current photo!" Here are some other pieces of advice for guys who are looking for love online:


Don't use a bizarre photo. Some guys do use current photos; however, those photos are stranger than an episode of The Twilight Zone. I've either seen or heard about guys dressed as a clown, guys wearing women's clothing, and guys in prisoner pinstripes. As for the last one, it's hard to tell whether these are actually photos of a guy in prisoner garb, or whether it's a Halloween costume, but either way, it's bad!

Wear clothes. Men love to put up profile photos of themselves barely dressed. Shirtless is a favorite way to go, usually with a few gold chains draped around the neck. This isn't casting for the Chippendales revue -- especially since the majority of the guys doing this would never get work as a stripper.

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If you're straight, act like it. Stop with the homoerotic photos of you sucking on things! I've seen guys deep throating popsicles, guys macking on big cigars, and guys devouring hot dogs. Why, why, why?

Don't sound like a serial killer. All too common are handles like CrazyB*stard, WeirdoDude, and Wacky4Life. It's nerve-wracking enough to agree to meet a total stranger, do you really want to come across like you might be dangerous? Of course, if you are dangerous, thank you for the warning!

What mistakes have you seen guys make in online dating?

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