'Khloe & Lamar' Recap: Khloe Diagnoses Rob With OCD & She's Right

Rob KardashianIs there nothing Khloe Kardashian can't do? (I usually don't roll my eyes when it comes to Khloe, but I'm inserting a big eye roll here.) On Khloe & Lamar tonight, she accurately diagnosed her brother, Rob Kardashian, with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Instead of being deeply moving or even offering up some sort of entertainment, however, it was 30 minutes of pretty much nothing, with a little PSA for the disorder thrown in. We hardly even saw Lamar Odom.

While initially I was a little sad to learn Khloe & Lamar had been cancelled (or just put on hold for awhile?), after tonight's episode, my disappointment has significantly diminished. Because if that's all they've got, they can keep it. Between her friend Malika's ridiculous jealousy plot -- which I refuse to even address because it was so clearly fake, scripted, and just plain insipid -- and Rob losing it, it was a pretty dismal episode. 


Khloe thinks he started developing OCD back when their father died, and that now whenever he's in a time of great stress, he reverts to that behavior. His big stress? Having to move into a big condo. 

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In response he started freaking out over little things like whether he ran over something while driving and had to go back numerous times to make sure that he hadn't. He also thought he might have left a bear's cage open at the animal sanctuary, which was a bit of a terrifying thought, but not so interesting to watch.

At first he denied he had a problem, then it was -- as usual -- Khloe to the rescue. "Bible, you're freaking me out," she told him.

She told him what she suspected, and he eventually realized she was right. He called a counselor, got a diagnosis over the phone, then thanked Khloe for saving his life ... or something akin to that. Glad he got that settled, and I hope he gets the help he needs, but I hope the finale next week brings a whole lot more. I'd like to see the show go out with a bang, instead of just fizzling out.

Were you surprised to learn that Rob Kardashian has OCD?


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