'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Teresa Is Driving Joe & Melissa Away but Not Apart

Melissa Gorga and Teresa GiudiceTonight we saw almost an hour of evidence on The Real Housewives of New Jersey that Teresa Giudice is completely out of touch with reality. Not that that's any big revelation, but the vastness of her own little Teresa universe in which she resides and NEVER sees her own flaws or shortcomings was awe-inducing nonetheless.

She and Melissa Gorga are still feuding over this comment Teresa made to her brother, Joe Giudice, that she thinks Melissa would leave him in a minute if a richer guy came along. Her evidence? Just because "people said" she might and that's kind of her hunch. Never mind the small children they're raising together and that they seem happy together; she's just pulling all of this out of her ass because she wants to drive them apart. Why? I have no idea.


Instead of addressing the issue with Melissa herself, Teresa waited until the big Summer Solstice luncheon. There, amidst the peace, third-eye stickers, and white tranquility, Teresa and Melissa had it out.

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The shouting match between Melissa and Teresa was pretty brief because as soon as Melissa brought up the world J-A-I-L, Teresa lost it and stormed out. Funny thing is that she was the one who brought up her husband having to "go away." She just never warned Melissa that jail is such a bad word -- especially in Jersey it seems. Semantics can be a bitch.

Teresa can't argue effectively to save her life, and Melissa did a good job of going toe-to-toe (verbally) with her. When Teresa shot out that the Gorgas gossip all the time about her and Joe, Melissa was justifiably incredulous. "We don't even discuss you or your husband," she told her. Hard for Teresa to believe I'm sure, but not everyone does.

The best/most outrageous moment came when Teresa spouted off about the Gorgas' annoying habit of delivering birthday gifts for the Giudice children to their school instead of her home. Then all of a sudden, Teresa pretended like Melissa was the insane one after Melissa nicely reminded her that one of her son's birthdays was three months ago and, as of yet, he hadn't received a gift from the Giudices. The silence this was met with from Teresa was golden indeed. Instead of just offering a mea culpa though, Teresa tried to blame it all on Melissa instead. "Why do you always have to bring up gifts, Melissa?" she asked her ... with a straight face.

In the end, the wise Caroline Manzo told the camera: "For their own family security, Melissa and Joe may have to walk away." While you never want to see a family broken up, this is one case in which a party (i.e.,Teresa) is so out of touch with reality you just can't reason with them enough to work things out. How does that saying go again: "You can't argue with ...?" That, or they could all take the advice of Rosie Pierri: "Everybody should shut up!" Either way.

Oh, and could Kim D. please go away now?

Do you think Teresa is completely delusional? Are you a fan of Rosie?


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