Chris Harrison HAS to Be 'The Bachelor' Now That He's a Bachelor (VIDEO)

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Isn't it kind of a funny twist of fate that Chris Harrison has tried to help people find lasting love on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for so many years -- and now he's suddenly single again? I have to admit, I was kind of bummed to hear that he and his wife Gwen had decided to split after 19 years together. (Don't any Hollywood marriages last anymore?!)

I vaguely remember an interview of his I read back when The Bachelor first started, and I want to say that part of the reason he was selected to be the host is because he was a happily married man. I guess producers were worried about the potential funny business that could go on with having a single dude around all of those eligible women.

But now that he's a free man, the game has definitely changed a bit.


When I saw that People was running a poll on whether or not Chris should be ABC's next Bachelor, at first I thought it was a bit premature. But then bells and whistles started going off in my head and I warmed up to the idea a bit, because it would totally be ratings gold. And it would really breathe new life into the Bachelor franchise.

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OMG. Chris Harrison is totally the perfect candidate to be The Bachelor! He has to do it -- and there are plenty of reasons why.

1. He's a great judge of character. Chris isn't dumb, and he's seen plenty a Bachelor be fooled by women who are doing the show for all the wrong reasons. He'd be able to spot the "fakers" from a mile away.

2. He's handsome and well-spoken. Harrison is such a polished, nice looking guy, and the fact that he has a proper haircut doesn't hurt his appearance either. Plus, he really has a way with words. Wouldn't it be fun to hear him whisper sweet nothings in the ears of 25 lucky women?

3. He's totally like-able. Honestly, can you say one bad thing about Chris? He's the whole package. America already loves him, so producers don't have to paint him in a flattering light to make people want to root for him. (Again -- ratings GOLD.)

4. He's already famous. You know how so many people who go on the show get accused of being fame whores? Yeah, Chris is already a celeb. He'd be in it for making out with a bunch of chicks in the hot tub finding true love for sure.

5. He can navigate his own rose ceremonies. With Chris as The Bachelor, there will be no need to have someone step in and tell him there's only one more rose to hand out. Chris has this gig DOWN. And he'll also know what to do if one of the women passes out while waiting to hear her name called.

Check out this video of Chris spilling some of the secrets of the show -- and hear him tell what makes a good Bachelor. Don't you think he described himself perfectly?!

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