'Revenge' Recap: Emily HAS to Kill Daniel Now

revengeOh dear, oh dear. What have you done now, Daniel? Emily desperately wants to avoid killing you in her quest for revenge. But you had to go and screw it up. You got it so, so wrong.

Oh well, I always thought he was pretty much a blockhead. I'm not sure why Emily got so attached. Maybe that lost puppy dog look he always has on his face. But one thing is for certain. If he's going to align himself with Conrad after knowing what he knows, there's no way Emily will protect him. That's too big a betrayal.


So yeah, major plot point there at the end. But we'll get to that. First -- what Nolan has been keeping from Emily! Not just David Clarke's last journal, but also the weird family twist. Nolan's aunt, Carol Miller, was Conrad's executive assistant at Grayson Global when all the David Clarke business went down. And she figured out what was going on. She's also the one who took Nolan in when he dropped out of MIT -- which is how he got to know David Clarke.

Jack knows something about the Graysons! He's about to tell Emily, but then -- Emily gets the call that all charges against him have been dropped. I guess we'll have to wait to find out what Jack knows.

AND! Victoria finally makes her big move -- she tells all to the FBI in exchange for immunity. The SEC orders an investigation. Oh yeah, Conrad's going down! Maybe. We'll see how this pans out.

In her spare time, Victoria screws poor Ashley out of her next job. "The Hamptons are filthy with ambitious girls like you." Nice feminist moment there, V. (Okay, and speaking of great lines -- how much did you love Charlotte's: "I guess we can add teen pill-popper to the Grayson book of shame.")

But the real horror show is how Conrad holed up with Daniel in his office, told Daniel everything about the David Clarke/domestic terrorism evil plan, and Daniel came out loyal to his father! STILL! Why? Why why why, Daniel? WHY.

So Emily listens in on their conversation, the next day urges Daniel to show some spine and be better than his family, and then what does Daniel do? Go on national television and says his father is innocent and Grayson Global will be vindicated.

And cue Emily's face crumpling with disappointment. He's now on her hit list.

I don't feel safe for Jack now, either, since he went and told Daniel that 1) the hoodie was his and 2) he was the one who dragged Tyler's body on the beach. Jack! Do you have a death wish?

So. What's next for Emily? She's going to marry Daniel, track down the man who killed her father, and kill him. (Kind of reminds me of that line about the jaguar shark in The Life Aquatic. Also, yay! A wedding!) She means the mysterious man with white hair and blue eyes who scares even Conrad. We'll meet him soon, I'm sure.

Two episodes left in the season!

Do you think Emily really can bring herself to harm Daniel?


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