'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska's Big Date Sounds Like a Bummer

chelsea houska teen mom 2Ooh - it looks like Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska may have found a new love in MTV's Caged star, cage-fighting pro Dane McFarland. They got close after she visited Louisiana a few months ago, when she was hanging out with friend (with rumored benefits?) Daniel Payne. Now, Chel seems crazy for Dane. So much so that she's even trying to make it work long-distance.

Chelsea tweeted that she and Dane had a big "date" recently ... on Skype. She wasn't dishing all that many details -- just the straightforward update, "#skypedate with @DaneMc_CAGED." There have also been some accompanying pics of the lovebirds. Cute! But how sad that they had no choice but to "go out" via webcam! 


Thinking back even just five to ten years ago when I met a couple of long-distance boyfriends online or tried to keep in touch with an ex who moved across the country, having something like Skype or FaceTime so readily available (sans all that annoying add-on equipment or wonky, delayed, pixelated video) would have been major. A game-changer! It would have made getting to know one another in the early stages or staying in touch when there was distance so much easier. But now that it's as easy as making a phone call or sending a text, it's actually kind of become a bummer.

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Of course long-distance love is better off than it used to be, thanks to Skype and FaceTime. Military wives can see their hubbies before their homecoming. It's amazing. But you have to admit: While you may be getting in that "face time" (ha), you still end up missing the person almost as much as if you were on the phone. That's because nothing beats or could ever beat being together in person. Just these past couple of days, I've been thousands of miles from my fiance, and we've FaceTimed on our iPhones -- just like the commercials! -- and it's awesome. But I still can't wait to be back in his actual arms.

Sure Chels feels the same. But hey, in the end, when you're both miles apart and head over heels, you do what you need to do to make it work!

Have you ever relied on Skype/FaceTime to keep up a long-distance romance? How'd it work out?

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