'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Gretchen Bombs & Vicki Gets Bombed

Vicki GunvalsonJust when it seemed like Vicki Gunvalson was finally finding her Zen, even apologizing out loud and sincerely to a shocked Gretchen Rossi, she was hit with a bomb that made her go ballistic in the final few minutes of tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When her daughter, Briana Wolfsmith, announced over dinner that she and her boyfriend, Ryan Culberson, had eloped in Las Vegas, that new leaf Vicki had turned over was blown completely away.

The scene was uncomfortable from the get-go. There Vicki was in a restaurant with Ryan (who Vicki had apparently never met before) and Briana. She was rambling on about why Briana was a "meat and potatoes" girl who didn't like ahi and drinking a "love martini" all by herself. Then Briana got right to the point, and it was bombs away.


"I don't really like bombs," Vicki said. But she got one anyway. 

As Vicki's eyes grew bigger, and her face redder, Briana proceeded to tell her how after her cancer scare and with Ryan heading back to Afghanistan, they decided life was short. So they drove to Vegas, got a marriage license, drove through a chapel, and now they're ... married.

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For once Vicki was at a loss for words ... for a few minutes anyway. Then she exploded about how she was embarrassed, disgusted, and mad. Why didn't Ryan ask her for her hand? And dear God, how could she explain this to her friends and family? Because of course the whole thing because about her instead of about her daughter and new son-in-law.

In real-time life, however, she seems to have moved past the initial shock and grown to accept and even embrace their marriage. She's currently helping them plan a wedding ceremony and told Radar Online today, "I think she has found the perfect guy for her! He loves her like I've never seen anyone love. I'm very proud of her choice. And obviously his choice is the best!" Much better, Vicki.

The only other significant event tonight was Gretchen's performance with the Pussycat Dolls. Her intro was great, and she definitely had a good stage presence. Singing, however, isn't her strong suit, and her rendition of "Fever" pretty much bombed. No one would tell her the truth, but it was BAD. At least she looked good. 

Most laughable line of the night: "Jim isn't enjoying it; he's just being a very supportive husband." -- Alexis (completely seriously), as Jim's eyes were popping out of his head watching the Pussycat Dolls.

Second most laughable line of the night: "He's from the South. He's never seen anything like this." -- Vicki (completely seriously) of Brooks at the same performance.

What did you think of the way Vicki handled the news of Briana's elopement? What did you think of Gretchen's performance?


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