'DWTS' Results Recap: William Levy Just Can't Win (VIDEO)

william levy

The perfect score of 30 points may have gone to Maria Menounos and Derek Hough last night on Dancing With the Stars, but it's still pretty obvious who the big fan favorite on the show is this season. And of course, I'm talking about the hottest thing to ever grace the ballroom floor -- William Levy. (Duh.) Does Cheryl Burke have any idea how lucky she is to be required to rub up against him every single week? (Gah!)

But while William and Cheryl delivered another great performance last night, they admitted to feeling like they were "robbed" out of ending their routine with a perfect score from the judges. And I'm honestly starting to wonder if William's extreme sexiness could possibly be weighing him down as the competition progresses. When he gets down and dirty on the dance floor, the crowd goes absolutely wild, but the judges label him as raunchy. 


But then last night, he covered his gorgeous bod up & dialed down the grind factor a bit, and he still didn't land at the top of the leader board. So what gives? It sure seems like he can't win with them no matter what he does.

For the sake of all of us watching at home, I think William should just stick with the sexy vibe and forget about the judges as best he can. Votes from fans are ultimately what will decide the winner at the end of the season -- and the less inhibited Levy is, the more we crave seeing him come back each week. Bring on the raunchiness -- because we love it.

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Ok, I'll shut up about William being major eye candy and take a minute to mention who went home this week. Roshon & Chelsea and Jaleel & Kym wound up in the dance duel taking on the rumba for a chance at taking another spin around the ballroom. The judges were a bit torn with their decision at first, but they unanimously decided that this was the end of the road for Jaleel White. No more Urkel? Really?! I won't lie -- I'm gonna miss him.

Here is a clip of William & Cheryl's Viennese Waltz from Monday night. He's got the sexy vibe down pat for sure -- even with his shirt on. (Fingers crossed that his costume shows a bit more skin next week.)

Are you rooting for William and Cheryl? And were you surprised to see Jaleel White go home?


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