Camille Grammer Isn't Leaving 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' After All!

Camille GrammerEver since it was announced that Camille Grammer wouldn't be coming back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I've felt a bit grumpy about the whole next season that's currently filming. Like there was a big hole that was going to be missing, and that whether it was her choice to leave (as she claimed) or Bravo's to let her go (like rumors had it ), it was a big fat mistake that was really going to screw with the chemistry of the show.

Fortunately, somebody realized it in time; and guess what Housewives fans? Camille is coming back! Well, sort of. 


According to E! it doesn't sound likes she's going to be a regular again, but she will be making appearances here and there. She was reportedly at a birthday party for Kyle Richards' daughter Portia this past weekend, and we'll see Camille in those scenes. She's also supposed to be filming some more over the next couple of weeks.

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That's better than nothing, so we'll take it. It would just be such a shame to see her disappear all together after we've seen her go through so much. She underwent one of the biggest transformations we've ever seen from a Housewife (they usually tend more toward self destruction than personal growth) -- from completely annoying b*tch to one of our favorite characters. That's not easy to do, and we want to see more. Also, there's a part of me that wants to see her continue to do well and blossom in her new life publicly as a big in your face to Kelsey Grammer and his new dumb tattooed self.

But why the flip flop?

When she offered an explanation as to why she was leaving last month, she said it was because she wanted to lead a more private life. She told E! at the time, "I care very much for my family and children and that show tends to take me away from them. I really want to focus on them right now."

So perhaps she had a change of heart ... or perhaps Bravo heard loud and clear from fans and cast members that they wanted Camille to stay and took action. It seems Kyle, in particular, may have gone to bat for her former arch enemy. A source told Radar Online: "Kyle has made it clear to producers of the show that she wants Camille back on for good, and she usually gets what she wants!" So maybe we owe Kyle a big thank you.

In any case, this new arrangement sounds good all around. Camille gets more privacy, but doesn't have to give up her gig all together; and we don't lose one of our favorite ladies. Win-win.

Are you glad that Camille Grammer won't be leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills completely?


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