Courtney & Bachelor Ben Pics Show He Is Crying Out for a Makeover

ben and courtneyYou'd think dating a model would positively influence one's sense of style, but Bachelor Ben Flajnik proves that no one can pressure him into changing his ways, no one. He and his partner in "engaged dating", Courtney Robertson, were out in Las Vegas recently celebrating some C list product of some sort and the two were photographed in their bathing suits poolside before hitting the town.

Have to hand it to Courtney Robertson here, she always looks good. I guess you could say that she's, sigh, winning. But Ben, on the other hand, not so much. That butt cut is still alive and kicking.


I wouldn't want Courtney doling out advice on congeniality to people, but when it comes to beauty and style, people should be all ears. Say what you will about her, but the lady can put together an outfit. She's got the body and the look to pull off just about any style and I have a feeling she'd be able to share some solid tips about dressing to impress.

Which is precisely why it's such a shame that Ben won't listen or that she won't help him. That hair has got to go, and the sooner, the better. Nothing says "don't find me sexy" more than an adult man with the haircut of a fifth grade boy from 1994. Obviously, Courtney has to know that he looks borderline insane, so why isn't she stepping up to the girlfriend plate here and helping him with a makeover? Is a trim too much to ask for?

If they eventually walk down the aisle, I'm going to have to object to their union on the basis that they don't communicate, because if Courtney won't speak up about Ben's hair, what else is she keeping under wraps.

Do you think Ben needs a makeover?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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