Khloe Without Lamar Is What We Really Want

khloe lamarWell I guess you heard the news: The show Khloe & Lamar will not be renewed. Aww, no more episodes of peaceful marital bliss. Who will model (yawn) healthy relationships for us now? Instead, Lamar is focusing on his basketball career (supposedly). But hope springs eternal for fans. Khloe in talks with E! about a Lamar-less new show. "We're definitely in the Khloe Kardashian business," an E! source told TMZ.

No word yet on what that show will be about, but here's what we already know about Khloe. She and Lamar are back in LA now. And she's always been the "truth teller" of the family. Which gives me a few ideas ...


1. Khloe Konfrontations! A new intervention every week. Celebs in trouble are plunked into the same room with Khloe. The two review a video of that celeb's worst moments of the week (stumbling out of a club smeared with white powder, mug shots, screaming at assistants, etc.). Khloe scolds, the celeb cries, family and friends join them, more crying -- everybody wins!

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2. Khloe in the Kitchen. I think we're all pretty sick of hearing Kris say Khloe is fat. She is most definitely not! And just to prove how healthy she is, what about a cooking show? Khloe in the Kitchen cooking up KALE and KIWI and KEWCUMBER!

3. Who's Really Khloe's Daddy? Khloe searches LA for her biological dad ... okay, no, you're right. That's just awful. Bad idea!

4. Khloe for City Council. What if Khloe ran for city council in Los Angeles! An election drama -- how exciting! Wait, what's that? Too nerdy? Fine. (SIGH)

5. Khloe's Kardashian Kritique. (Too much K?) It's a talk show about all the other Kardashian shows! Khloe hangs out with a few friends and comments on what her family members have been up to in reality TV land. You know, kind of like what we're already doing here on The Stir.

Wait a minute -- maybe Khloe should do a show with us!!!

What do you think Khloe's show should be about?


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