Courtney Robertson & 'Bachelor' Ben Heading to Vegas With One Thing in Mind

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Well, well, well -- that sure didn't take long. Former Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his pick of the litter, Courtney Robertson, have only been engaged for a couple months, and they're already picking up and heading for Vegas. Not that I can say that I blame them.

After how bad the media has torn these two apart, it's really not that big of a surprise that they'd want to stay off the radar and do things their way when it comes to their relationship. And even though they met and fell in love on television, they just don't strike me as the type of couple to go and tie the knot in front of a live TV audience. (They're just not quite Kardashian enough for that sort of thing.)

Yep -- Ben & Court definitely have one thing on the forefront of their minds these days, so taking a trip to Vegas now makes perfect sense.


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But it's too bad they won't actually be getting married when they hit Sin City this weekend. (Fooled ya, didn't I?) They both got such a bad rap after their engagement, but honestly, they are the first couple from the series (besides Ashley and J.P.) in some time who really seem to have their priorities straight. Since when is taking more time to really get to know each other considered a crime?

Instead of making a stop at a drive-thru wedding chapel, they'll be hosting a huge party at Pure nightclub at Caesar's Palace. Hmm. Sure sounds like fun. And I wonder what other celeb types and big time reality TV names will be there? Events like that do tend to reel in plenty of famous party seekers. Hopefully for their sake, there will be some good entertainment too. Because if Ben has to hear David Gray sing "This Year's Love" one more time, I seriously think he might lose his marbles.

What are some of your favorite places to party in Vegas?

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