'Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding' Premiere Recap: The Good, the Bad & the Boobs

Kim ZolciakTonight was the big night for Kim Zolciak as her spin-off show, Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding made its debut on Bravo. As much as I love The Real Housewives, my expectations certainly weren't high. There are few spin-off shows that ever really work, and though Zolciak can be pretty funny and entertaining, she's also best in small doses. So I was somewhat surprised to find that it wasn't that bad.

I can't say I was riveted to my television by any means, and my eyes were a rollin' throughout much of it, but it also had its moments. And here they are: The good, the bad, and -- of course -- the boobs. 


The Good

K.J. -- That is one adorable kid. Starting the series off with him in a scene was brilliant, because I immediately was feeling all warm and fuzzy and less judgy after looking at his sweet face.

Jen-- Kim's best friend is a hoot. For instance, when they were working out with a trainer, she said, "Being married to a professional football player, you tend to want to be more fit. That’s why I married an electrician." Her comment about blow jobs while Kim was on the exercise ball was even better. Love her.

It's only 30 minutes -- Tonight we had two back-to-back episodes, but in the future, it will just be one half-hour show. Like I said, she's better in small doses.

Her Girls -- Oh, they're just so sweet. Seeing them all cry in Serendipity was truly touching. Tell me you didn't get misty when Ariana said while blowing out her birthday candles, “I love the family I got, and I love Justin Bieber.”

The Bad

The blatant, in-your-face display of wealth -- Do we really need to know how much everything costs, and how totally okay she is with that?  A little discretion would show some class. “I don’t want to have a budget. I just want to make sure it’s beautiful," she told Kroy. Gag.

Kim's snobbery -- You're really going to invite people to your wedding and not let them in your house?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta slams -- Cynthia Bailey's wedding wine sucked; NeNe Leaks is moose. They seemed totally forced and unnecessary.

She's mean to her mom -- Let her wear what she wants.

The Boobs

Here, there, and everywhere you looked, Kim's boobs were there. Oh, and don't forget the side boob.

Did you watch Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding? What did you think?


Image via Bravo

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