'Revenge' Recap: Emily's Stunning Betrayal (VIDEO)

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People get thrown under the bus in this episode! Left and right. Where do I even begin? There's Emily, who suddenly seems ready and willing to sacrifice Daniel for her ultimate goal. Then Declan, determined to protect his brother even if it means betraying Charlotte. 

But so much more happens in this episode. Is it me, or does your spine tingle every time Emily says, "I'm gonna take care of this."


Tonight's episode begins in the middle of Daniel's trial, which isn't going too well for him. All the forensics are against him. His only hope is for Declan to testify that he saw someone on the beach, setting up his brother Jack as the possible killer. 

Charlotte makes a brave attempt to manipulate Declan into telling the truth. But then Nolan swoops in to remind Declan that he doesn't want to lose his brother -- and he shouldn't make things any easier for the Graysons. No surprise when Declan tells the court he didn't see anyone on the beach and that Charlotte was drunk and high on oxytocin.

Squash! Didn't you love the way Declan threw out a "but she's still a good person!" at the end? Like that'll do anyone any good.

So there's that. Then there's Victoria sending her favorite thug Lee (the guy who arranged to have Daniel beaten up in prison) to threaten one of the jurors. The whale cam (it's back!) captures it all. Emily is going to expose the Graysons for jury tampering.

Nolan can't believe she's willing to imperil Daniel's case like that. "I came here for one reason," Emily reminds him. Oof, goodbye, Daniel. 

Emily starts playing Daniel. She lets him see Jack come over. She sits next to Jack in court. She lets him see her "ignore" his phone call while she's on her way out of the house -- and it all builds up. Daniel gets drunk and violates his parole by sneaking into Amanda's house in a jealous rage! Back into prison he goes. Did you see that coming?

And guess who joins Daniel? Emily plants Jack's sweatshirt (covered in Tyler's blood) in Thug Lee's car, setting him up as Tyler's killer. Lee will have to turn in the Graysons and Jack and Daniel are off the hook for the murder. Another genius move, Emily! Maybe she does still care about Daniel after all.

But we're not done, yet. Conrad finds out about Victoria's "arrangement" with Lee and decides to fix things himself. Next thing we know, Lee is hanging in his prison cell with a forged suicide note saying he's Tyler's killer.

And because Emily bugs everything at the Graysons, she hears Conrad's phone conversation about "another David Clark situation" and OMG: The Graysons did the same thing to her father! If we thought Emily had it in for the Graysons before, now she's really in for the kill. I take it back. She's so pissed now, Daniel is back on the chopping block for sure.

Does this change Emily and Daniel's relationship? Do you think they'll stay engaged?


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