Lauren Conrad Would Make a Killer 'Bachelorette'

Not that anyone asked, but Lauren Conrad of The Hills has no interest in ever being The Bachelorette. OK, then. According to Wet Paint, a friend posed this theoretical question during a game and she said: "No! Why would I date on TV again?"

Why, indeed? But hey, why EVER do it?! If you start, don't stop now! It's too bad, really.

I never got to know good old LC all that well when she was on Laguna Beach or The Hills, but as an avid Bachelor fan, I DO like the idea of famous people being on the show instead of weird contestants pulled from the real world. Wouldn't it make it more intriguing?


It wouldn't have to be every season. And it wouldn't have to be every contestant, but wouldn't it be fun to see the occasional celebrity on the show?

We could have George Clooney (next time he is single) or Bradley Cooper (drool). I would love to watch either of them cavort with 20 women. I would take that over gross-hair Ben Flajnik any day, thank you very much.

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Let's face it: the show is no longer about love. It's about fame whores, bikinis, and hot people licking each other's mouths. So let's see some TRULY gorgeous people, the kind we already know (or think we do anyway). Makes sense, right?

Seriously, the show needs a shake-up and maybe a celeb is just the ticket. I know they tried it before with Jesse Palmer and Charlie O'Connell, but I would watch a real celebrity any day.

If Conrad isn't up for it, I wonder if they could mine other, more glamorous reality shows. Emily Maynard is proving that early buzz is much higher for a show that features someone we already know and are rooting for and the leftover contestant thing is just not cutting it.

Come on ABC! Shake it up a little!

Would you like to see celebrity contestants?


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