'Teen Mom' Mugshots: A Precious Photo Album of MTV's Most Troubled Stars

Jeanne Sager | Apr 24, 2012 TV

Jenelle EvansHere's the thing about Teen Mom. People love to hate on the MTV reality show. But what do we know about television? Oh right, we watch it for entertainment. And boy do these Jenelle Evans, Amber Portwood, and the whole gang keep us entertained!

Ok, so it's not always in the most positive of ways. Their path to fame is littered with mugshots and arrests. And here they are! Here's a look at some of the worst tangles with the law by Evans and Portwood, plus some surprise appearances by some other Teen Mom favorites. Any guesses who's the worst offender?

Well, it looks like Jenelle is queen of the mugshots, although Amber has her own doozies. And we should note these were just a FEW of Kieffer's arrests ... sad, but true.

What do you wish you could say to these Teen Mom stars about their brushes with the law?


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  • Jenelle Evans


    Charges: Breaking and entering and drug possession

    What Happened: In October 2010, officers in Oak Island, North Carolina found Jenelle in a house that didn't belong to her. When she told them she'd gone in with boyfriend Kieffer Delp, who was down the street, they rounded up ol' Reefer too -- and found marijuana and a pipe in the duo's possession.

  • Kieffer Delp


    Charges: Breaking and entering, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia

    What Happened: Jenelle's boyfriend was arrested right alongside her back in October 2010.

  • Jenelle Evans


    Charges: Assault and affray for fighting

    What Happened: Jenelle was already facing drug charges when she was caught on video in a vicious fight with "friend" Britany Truett, in March 2011.

  • Kieffer Delp


    Charge: Cocaine posession

    What Happened: Their cases were unrelated, but in the same week in March 2011, Evan's loser boyfriend was picked up on an outstanding warrant for possession.

  • Jenelle Evans


    Charge: Violation of probation

    What Happened: Keeping clean seems to be a problem for Jenelle. On probation for her first drug arrest, she failed a drug test in August 2011. Marijuana and opiates were found in her system, despite a trip to rehab earlier that spring.

  • Amber Portwood


    Charges: Felony domestic battery, neglect of a dependent

    What Happened: Scenes of Amber assaulting boyfriend Gary Shirley on TV during the taping of Teen Mom became evidence in court when the Anderson (Indiana) Police Department charged her for the incidents of domestic violence in November 2010 and took away custody of daughter Leah in December 2010.

  • Jenelle Evans


    Charge: Harassing phone calls and communicating threats

    What Happened: In January 2012, Jenelle was hauled in by police for allegedly harassing former roommate Hannah Inman. She proved how "serious" she took it all with a big grin in her booking photo.

  • Jenelle Evans


    Charge: Violating a domestic violence protective order

    What Happened: Six days (yes, six!) after being arrested for allegedly harassing Inman, Evans was already back in the custody of Brunswick County Police on January 16, this time for violating an order of domestic violence protection.

  • Jenelle Evans


    Charge: Cyberstalking

    What Happened: Jenelle's one-time boss James Duffy filed charges against her for alleged cyberstalking in March 2012 -- just two months after she filed a similar complaint against him! She was allowed out on $1,000 bail.

  • Amber Portwood


    Charge: Violation of probation

    What Happened: Failing to show up for two drug tests and the discovery that Portwood had a controlled substance in her posession late in 2012 landed her in jail during the holidays.

  • Gary Shirley


    Charge: Driving with a suspended license

    What Happened: Apparently not content letting his baby mama have all the fun with the cops, Gary was pulled over by cops in Alexandria, Indiana in May 2011 after a fight with Amber. When police realized his license had been suspended, he was hauled in to the station.

  • Debra Danielson


    Debra Danielson

    Charge: Domestic abuse/serious assault

    What happened: Farrah Abraham and her mom seem to be on stable ground these days with a joint business venture in the works, but their relationship has been tumultuous (at best) onscreen over the years. In January 2010, a fight over childcare led to Farrah calling the cops on mommy dearest. Debra was booked by Council Bluffs (Iowa) Police after Farrah said her mom had grabbed her by the throat and hit her. They took kitchen knives Farrah said her mom had wielded as evidence.

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