'Teen Mom' Mugshots: A Precious Photo Album of MTV's Most Troubled Stars

Jenelle EvansHere's the thing about Teen Mom. People love to hate on the MTV reality show. But what do we know about television? Oh right, we watch it for entertainment. And boy do these Jenelle Evans, Amber Portwood, and the whole gang keep us entertained!

Ok, so it's not always in the most positive of ways. Their path to fame is littered with mugshots and arrests. And here they are! Here's a look at some of the worst tangles with the law by Evans and Portwood, plus some surprise appearances by some other Teen Mom favorites. Any guesses who's the worst offender?


Well, it looks like Jenelle is queen of the mugshots, although Amber has her own doozies. And we should note these were just a FEW of Kieffer's arrests ... sad, but true.

What do you wish you could say to these Teen Mom stars about their brushes with the law?


Image via MTV

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