‘Bachelor’ Ben’s Sexy Layers Are Proof He CAN Make Good Decisions

Ben Flajnik from The BachelorI'll never really understand Ben Flajnik and his wacky thought process. I mean, what person would WANT to date another person (read: his partner in "engaged dating" crime Courtney Robertson) who they very well know is an extreme beeyotch. OK, so maybe that's a little high middle school of me. And well, I wasn't technically there -- so who am I to judge?

While Ben and I may not see eye to eye on who the perfect girl was for him on this past season of The Bachelor, we do have an understanding when it comes to clothes. How random, right? Ben recently told Stylecaster that he's so totally into layering. That'a boy, Benny! Maybe you have a better head on your shoulders than I thought.


Ben said:

My style in San Francisco is mostly slimmer jeans and a lot of layering, because San Francisco is a cold city -- a lot of button downs, a lot of light sweaters, vests, and corduroy blazers. It’s the way to go.

I. Love. Layering. No really, it's sort of like my go-to move. I'm not exactly sure what got me on the multi-item train, whether it be my absolute hatred of being too warm when going from one place to the next, or the trendiness of it all. However, it's so natural to me now. To be honest, I feel a little weird if I walk out of my apartment without at least two! 

When you think about it, who doesn't adore a layered look? Whether you're rocking a cute button down over a tank with a vest or a cozy cardigan belted over one of your favorite blouses -- layering enables you to mix things up and adjust when needed. Convenient and stylish? Count. Me. In.

Are you a fan of layering pieces? What pieces do you like to layer?


Image via ABC

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