'Smash' Recap: Surprise Love Triangle Heats Up (VIDEO)

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Guess who's got a super girl-crush on Karen? Uma! I mean, movie star Rebecca Duvall. All of a sudden Rebecca is taking Karen under her wing, giving her designer swag hand-me-downs, taking her on the town for tequila shots-fueled girls' nights out. And the paparazzi can't get enough. (Why? I mean -- sorry, okay, I'll suspend my disbelief.)

And now that it's been decided that Dev is a controlling boyfriend, sort of, he's not so thrilled about Karen's new girlfriend. Especially since Page Six keeps portraying the two stars as possible lovers!


But is it really love for Rebecca, or is she just keeping close tabs on her rival? It all starts when Ellis overhears Derek confess to Karen that he really sees her as Marilyn. Eager to repair last week's damage, Ellis runs to tell Rebecca's assistant. Next thing you know, Rebecca's breezing in, inviting Karen out for drinks after rehearsal. 

"You're supposed to be Derek's muse." Rebecca plays Karen. She arranges for Karen to sing with a hot new band at a club. "I'm just checking out the competition," she says to her assistant. And when Karen finishes her song, Rebecca gives her a big snake hug and says, "You are not an understudy. You're a star!" Look out, Karen.

At this point I feel the need to point out the obvious: It is clear that real, trained, Broadway triple-threats are sick to death of losing roles to Hollywood stars. Consider Smash their revenge.

But meanwhile, here's how they're keeping all three leading ladies in play. In order to keep in the challenging ballads Rebecca can't sing, we now have "shadow" Marilyns, other actresses who play the voices inside Marilyn's head. All Rebecca has to do is lie back on her couch and let the real pros do all the work. Obviously Karen should be the main Marilyn shadow, right Rebecca?

Later, after another "girls out on the town" montage followed by a tense, not-exactly-fight between Karen and Dev, Rebecca meets the couple at an Indian restaurant. We learn Rebecca has a peanut allergy, is not a good listener, and has some sort of bottled water neurosis. (For the record, tap water in New York City is award-winning and cleaner than most bottled water.) And then Rebecca and Dev start fighting over Karen. Karen wants to be a star! How do you know that? And so on.

And then we get this amazeballs Bollywood number. Wheee!

Wasn't Dev born in Herefordshire or someplace in England? His first music number ever and it's this? Well, never mind, who needs an excuse for a good Bollywood number? And I totally want to take a Bollywood dance class now. Anyway, all that singing and dancing was supposed to be about the tensions between Dev and Karen.

Back at rehearsal, Rebecca runs off for her special potato chips leaving Ellis to make her smoothies (yes, that's his job now), Derek fuming, and Ivy plotting.

"Ellis, do me a favor ..."

Honestly, I thought she was going to have Ellis put peanuts in Rebecca's smoothie, and I'm so disappointed that this didn't happen. But as a devoted member of Team Ivy, I have to say what really does happen next is almost as good -- maybe better.

1. Ellis sends Karen a text saying Julia is sick so she won't be needed for the rest of the day. Karen goes home.

2. Derek reads Rebecca the riot act. Rebecca has a hard time not laughing in his face. But yeah, she's on notice.

3. Karen isn't there to sing the new "shadow" Marilyn number. So Ivy does instead! "I still have something beautiful to give." YES, you do, Ivy! Her performance is so gorgeous and soulful she even makes Eileen cry. 

Everyone wipes away their tears. Derek is transported. Rebecca -- oh, Rebecca is on the offensive. "Um, a note? I think Marilyn should sing that song." 

Hah! Yeah, right. I see another triangle forming.

Who do you think Rebecca is more threatened by now, Karen or Ivy? 


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