Lindsay Lohan to Play World's Most Beautiful Woman -- Huh?

Some celebrities are indelibly linked with their famous on-screen roles –- so much so that you simply can NOT imagine anyone else playing them. Rhett Butler? It HAD to be Clark Gable. The prossie with a heart of gold in Pretty Woman? No one but Julia Roberts would ever do.

But sometimes Hollywood gets it all mucked up. Anyone remember Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates in the 1998 Psycho remake? Of course not, because we all blocked it out of our minds. And now comes what could be the single worst casting decision of all time. Ready for it? Lindsay Lohan as ... Elizabeth Taylor. La Liz! La WTF?!

Yes, the producer of the Lifetime La Liz biopic has confirmed that LiLo, she of the ankle monitor, community service at the morgue, and self-inflicted aging of 20 years, is set to play Taylor.


Now, I have nothing against LiLo. Personally, I think the press gives her a hard time. So, she’s a young woman who likes to party. Believe me, so did Liz!

But Liz was, for decades, considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Angelina Jolie times eleven. Megan Fox times twenty. Speaking of Megan, she was also rumored to be a contender for the role. What happened there? Megan, come back!

Liz was so gorg, she got seven men to marry her. She was so insanely beautific that one of her hubbies, Richard Burton (whom she married twice), gave her a 69-carat diamond. She had violet eyes! She was Cleopatra!

Does any of this sound like LiLo to you? I mean, was Snooki not available?

Maybe I just have the wrong attitude. Lifetime probably knows that a lot of people will tune into the biopic just to snicker about watching LiLo try to be Liz. As for myself, I can only pray that LiLo does something to land her in the hopper before filming can begin. And then Megan takes over. Or Angelina. Or Snooki.

Should Lindsay Lohan play Liz Taylor? Would you watch this trainwreck biopic?

Image via Amu15041/Flickr

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