‘Bachelor’ Ben & Courtney Robertson Say They’re ‘Engaged Dating’ -- Huh?

bachelorTired of hearing about Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his winner Courtney Robertson? Of course not. These two, they're so great. They provide so much entertainment. Whether their giving interviews, making out with other people, or wedding dress shopping, the couple never ceases to make some questionable, public decisions. Their latest shenanigan? The couple gave an interview in which they describe their relationship as "engaged dating." Engaged. Dating. Anyone else think that sounds like an oxymoron?

Best part is that Ben went on to say that they're taking things slow. Not sure what about being "engaged" says that you're taking things slow, but maybe that's why they qualify it with "dating"? These two. I swear.


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If you have to start making up phrases to describe your relationship, you might be in trouble. There's a difference between "dating" and "engaged." A big difference. Combining them is like saying you're a "childless mother" or something. It just doesn't make sense. Are you dating, or are you engaged?

I think what bothers me about this is that it turns being engaged into no big deal. I mean, I know they went on a reality show to find a spouse, so it's not like they hold the institution to any sort of higher ground, but still. This is real life. If you're going to date, then DATE. It's fine. No one cares if you're engaged or not. Take that producer-bought ring, put it back in a box, get to know one another, maybe stay out of the spotlight for a while, then get re-engaged if things work out.

Because this "engaged dating" thing is kind of forced.

What do you think?


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