'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Shouldn't Ruin Her Life for a Kieffer Rerun

Jenelle Evans desperately needs to get it together. Her family knows this, MTV knows this, all the viewers know it, and, most importantly, the court system knows this. So why is she still such a wreck?

The latest news comes from Radar Online (take with a grain of salt, natch). Jenelle was back with Kieffer this weekend. We will all remember Kieffer as the boyfriend/pothead who landed in jail for assaulting Jenelle among other things. He has definitely not been the most positive influence in her life.

Even worse, being with Kieffer is violating her probation. As in: she could go to jail. Jail! This is so awful. It's like she actively tries to mess up her life.


Her attorney told Radar she is trying to "straighten out her life." Now, if that were true, isn't she kind of going the wrong way for that? It seems to me that going back to her ex -- the one who got her in all the trouble in the first place -- is actually kind of like going backwards.

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Jenelle needs to straighten out her life. Everyone knows that. But she isn't going to get there by hanging out with old "friends" who only bring her down.

I feel for Jenelle. Judging from the show, it doesn't seem like she had that many chances in the first place. Her mother and she have a difficult relationship. She clearly has a mood/personality disorder and she leans toward addiction.

No one would say she has had an easy road. But some of this is within her control. Those pieces she CAN control -- who she chooses to spend time with, the drugs she ingests, the school she doesn't miss -- she needs to take control of now.

Jace is only 2 years old. She still has time to get it together. But not if she goes the wrong way.

Jenelle is following the signs pointing down and she needs to be climbing up. We are all rooting for her, but I am not holding my breath, either.

Do you think Kieffer is bad for Jenelle?


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