'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Part 3 Recap: Kim & NeNe Could Be Friends Again

Kim ZolciakAndy Cohen summed up the three-part reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta by saying it was "fun" and "long." He at least got the latter part right. This last installment tonight really dragged things out. I think they could have stopped at two, but knowing when to stop isn't a trait of Housewives, now is it?

Marlo Hampton was still there, clinging to her spot on the couch. She seemed to have it out for Kandi Burruss in particular. She continued to badger her for being a sugar mama, and questioned if the guy she's currently dating even has a job. Kandi assured her that he does, and that he drives a Range Rover too. Then she really unleashed.


"You want to sit up here like you’re all prissy and proper," Kandi told Marlo. "You’re an escort. Whatever, ho. Whatever, ho." Kandi's usually so calm, but watch out when you piss her off. She got so worked up, she nearly popped right out of that dangerous dress she was wearing.

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Cynthia Bailey tried to make herself relevant and get in on the action, but she just ended up looking silly. At least she's pretty. Sheree Whitfield got a farewell montage of sorts that highlighted all of her ridiculous outbursts that still didn't make her interesting at all. While she said she wasn't proud of some of her behavior, she also doesn't remember it all because of her blackout moments. Whatever, and good riddance. The usually entertaining Phaedra Parks only got in a few random words here and there.

The biggest surprise of the night, however, was that for all of their past drama, I think Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes actually miss each other. Awhile back, I'd have never believed it, but I think they actually could be friends again at some point. They've both come a long way and are in good places, and as Andy pointed out, they're a lot alike.

Sheree refused to admit that NeNe had helped her get on the show, and with all of the delusion in the world said she's the one who made the show jump off. Uh, yeah, right. Kim, however, made a classy move and not only admitted that NeNe helped her land the show, but said that without her, she wouldn't have her husband, Kroy, and new baby boy today. That's a lot nicer than saying she thinks NeNe has a penis.

Kim also said she thought the biggest problem between her and NeNe was communication. That can be fixed! There was certainly no big kiss and make up moment, but I think there's potential there. What with Sheree the trouble maker out of the way, it could just happen. And how interesting would that make things?

Do you think Kim and NeNe will reconcile at some point? Did you get the sense tonight that they miss one another?


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