'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Breaks Her Silence, But Do We Buy Her Story?

jenelle evans on teen mom mtvAfter weeks of whirling rumors about everything from cutting to drug use, custody of her son, and possibly getting back together with an ex-boyfriend, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans took to her official Facebook page this morning to set the record straight. Apparently, she hasn't been tweeting or updating her Facebook status until now, because, as she explained in her note, deactivating both was required for her to get off probation, which she hopes will happen next week.

In an effort to reach out to her fans, Jenelle said that she's "doing good" and has a court date this Tuesday. She also wanted her followers to know that she has "miss[ed] talking to everyone," and thanked them for their support. And most importantly, she noted that she hopes people "don't believe all the rumors" that have come out lately. Hmmm ... which ones, Jenelle?


It seems to me that Jenelle just hopes that with one little status update, she can do some damage control and silence the deafening roar of gossip about her. Like her fans are just supposed to blindly believe that she's completely on the right track, because she's vaguely calling out the rumors as false. Not sure I'm buying it.

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Maybe that's because her own recent behaviors -- rockin' out on YouTube and dedicating the video to "Gary Motherf--king Head" -- have been too erratic for us to not think that at least some of the rumors have a grain of truth to them.

But as far as her probation goes? And ultimately, the custody of her adorable son, Jace ... Well, sure, who wouldn't be rooting for a mom to get her life together enough that she would be able to live a happier, healthier, fuller life? Hopefully, her update is an insight into her being one step closer to that. But I wouldn't be so sure so fast.

Do you believe the rumors about Jenelle, or are you more apt to take her word?

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