'Revenge' Recap: Victoria's the Ultimate Twisted Helicopter Parent

victoria graysonOh Revenge I missed you so much! I almost forgot all the characters' names -- Victoriwhat? Jackwho? Never go away again.

After weeks on hiatus, Revenge is back and wicked as ever. Can't remember where they left off? Check out Nolan's Revenge recap before watching last night's episode. (Nolan -- tall, blond, techy-preppy guy, remember?) Anyway, in case you were worried that things are spinning out of control for our brave revenge-seeker Emily, fear not. She's got it all well in hand. In a devious way.

But that's nothing compared to the shocking lengths Victoria will go to in order to protect her son, Daniel -- if that actually is her motive.


Tonight started with two doses of deja vu: Emily reads a letter from Daniel saying he's not guilty and hopes someday she'll understand. And then she finds out that Victoria's big hope for saving Daniel is to frame another innocent man for murder. This time it's Jack.

When Declan and Charlotte fail to give a sketch artist any sort of clues about what the "hooded man on the beach" looked like, Victoria has the artist whip up a sketch of Jack.  

But will it work? "What we need is a good spin doctor," Emily helpfully suggests. Someone like, say ... Mason Treadwell?

Nolan finds Mason drowning his sorrows in wine coolers. It's not hard to lure Mason into blogging the saga from Chez Grayson, especially when they supply him with his own website and a room in the East Wing.

But what about Daniel? Mama wants him home, but the judge won't allow it unless he has a life-threatening illness or situation. And so, Victoria arranges for some Shady Young Guy at a bar to have Daniel beaten up in prison. 

WTF, lady! Paying someone to have your son beat to a pulp?!? I know it's for his own good, but damn! "Who on EARTH would do such a thing like this to Daniel?" Emily asks Victoria pointedly when she finds out. Who indeed. (You know that I know that you know that I know, etc.)

Anyway, it works and Daniel is released back to the Grayson manor under house arrest. Well done, Mommy Dearest.

Declan corners Mason to tell him the truth in order to save Jack. Er, well, maybe a little too much truth. He tells Mason that Charlotte was too drugged up to identify her own left hand, let alone a guy in a hood in the dark. Think that's gonna backfire on Declan? Nahhhh! (Yeah, so they break up later on when she reads Mason's tell-all blog.)

Meanwhile, Victoria begins an affair with a former lover -- some washed-up artist played by, HELLO, James Purefoy. He is sweating profusely in every scene. At one point he winks. She wears a sheet dress and a super-long string of dark pearls like the Hamptons version of Ally Sheedy's character in St. Elmo's Fire. Lord, they're really pouring it on with this affair.

Anyway, excellent. This gets Victoria out of the house for Emily to plant Mason's tapes right where he can find them. Now Mason thinks Victoria torched his house. Another smooth move for Emily.

Now that Declan has recanted his story about seeing a hooded man on the beach -- and discredited Charlotte as witness -- there's no one else to frame for the murder. Watch the wheels spinning desperately in Victoria's mind. There must be someone ...

She confronts Treadwell and he practically laughs in her face. "Your empire is crumbling my queen!" (Cornball line!) And he tells her he knows she was the one who torched his house and stole his tapes! 

So now Victoria is in desperate overdrive. She will do anything, anything! To save Daniel. Even pin guilt on ... EMILY! Yup, she sidles up to Daniel and plants the notion that maybe Emily was the one who shot the gun that second time. After all, it was her gun. Daniel won't hear it, but the damage is already done. He calls and calls Emily, but there's no answer.

For good reason! Emily is busy entrapping Shady Young Guy from the bar. She records his confession, beats the crap out of him, and then copies his key. Was it sloppy of her to add that bit of "for Daniel" revenge? We'll have to wait and see. 

Were you shocked at what Victoria did to bring Daniel back home?


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