'Teen Mom' Star Gary Shirley Becomes an Even Bigger 'Loser'

gary shirley teen momEvery time I hear about a celebrity diet, I seriously want to pull my hair out. From Snooki's diet pills to shots of pregnancy hormones, I swear, the whole country's gone mad with quick fix ways to drop pounds hard and fast. Of course, you'd think anyone who stars on a reality show would be the worst offender of crazy dieting, but that's not the case for Gary Shirley, aka Teen Mom Amber Portwood's baby daddy.

Gary's one of those teddy bear guys (kinda reminds me of Turtle on Entourage), but he's not so keen on that image anymore. In fact, it sounds like he's determined to get in shape for the summer, and he's been tweeting updates that shed light on his unique weight loss plan ...


Yesterday, Gary tweeted:

Just had my total cereal and off to the YMCA. I'm not gonna lie I'm soar (sic). Just cause its been so long but not stopping.

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He also revealed that he's been eating big, healthy salads, like one that includes "1 dark red 2mato, 1 box of raisins/or cran, grilled piece of chic ... some green and red salad, fat free Italian." Some of the ingredients even come from his own garden. Because he wants to try to eat homegrown fruits and veggies.

Check out this insane list of the fruits and veggies he planted:

Watermelon,cantaloupe, green peppers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, onions, cayenne peppers, green chilies zucchini 72 each just finished.

Wow! Color me impressed! Now, that is how a healthy lifestyle is DONE! Not only is the guy focusing on whole foods, but it sounds like he's sort of "designing" his own weight loss plan, one that suits his tastes and his preferences as far as diet and exercise go.

It's funny ... a lot of guys seem to be pros at that. When he wants to get in shape, my fiance will start cutting his portions in half, have no trouble cutting out all the junk, work out without even meaning to (like he goes and throws a football around with his brother and effortlessly works up a sweat), then voila! -- there go the pounds! Yeah, part of that is because of he's a guy. But I also feel like we ladies could stand to learn a thing or two from these men! Start eating we love to eat (within healthy reason) and doing what we love to do for exercise, as opposed to what we think we're supposed to eat and do. 

Anyway, Gary sounds like he's on the right track. If he keeps up his self-designed plan, I'm sure he'll hit his goal once summer is here!

Do you think Gary's destined for weight loss success?


Image via MTV

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