Gavin DeGraw's 'Dancing With the Stars' Exit Seems Pretty Convenient (VIDEO)

gavin degraw

Gavin DeGraw was sent packing on Dancing With the Stars last night, and honestly, I don't think anyone is that shocked about his elimination. He's such an all-around great guy and was a fan favorite from the get-go, but he was kinda lacking in the fancy footwork department. He can definitely sing -- but his dance moves weren't quite up to par with his sexy voice.

After watching Gavin & Karina compete in the dance duel against Jaleel White & Kym Johnson just before the final results were announced, it was pretty obvious that Urkel put in more of an effort to stick around for at least one more week. And considering everything else Gavin has going on in his life right now, it seems awfully convenient that he doesn't have to worry about showing up for rehearsals this morning.


On April 13, DeGraw kicked off a 41-city concert tour, which will keep him on the road until the end of August. Huh. That's odd. Dancing With the Stars still has a few weeks to go -- and had Gavin not been eliminated, he would've had to juggle his crazy tour schedule with DWTS practices and performances from here on out.

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And considering some of the cities he's playing in are on the East Coast, he would've had to deal with some serious jet lag for sure. In fact, he's got a gig in New York City tonight. I wonder if he flew out right after the results show ended?

It's kind of strange that he would even sign up for DWTS when he knew he was going out on tour mid-way through the season. I mean, Gavin is a pretty stand-up guy, but it almost seems like he didn't ever think he'd make it this far into the competition -- and he possibly dialed back his efforts a bit to make sure the show didn't interfere with his concert tour.

Here is a video clip of Gavin performing in the dance duel that ultimately ended his DWTS run.

Do you think there's a possibility that Gavin DeGraw threw the competition?


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