'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Almost Engaged to Ex Gary Head? What a Mistake!

Jenelle Evans on MTV teen momSounds like Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has a lot on her plate right now. According to some sources, she has apparently taken to posting on Twitter and Facebook about being with her son Jace when she's, err, not with him ... in order to look like a "good mom." And her former "friend" Tori has been selling stories to the press about her cutting. We also know she only recently broke up with her boyfriend Gary Head, because she rocked out and ranted on YouTube. In short, maybe girl would do really well to take a time-out to focus on taking care of herself and her son.

Nonetheless, it looks like had she and Gary not broken up, they might have taken a very different path. Judging from Gary's recent tweets ... it's pretty darn clear that he may have been planning on popping the question!


On his Twitter account, Gary posted a picture of a diamond engagement ring, tweeting, "Glad I can get my money back for this!!!" Whaaat? How much you wanna bet it was meant for Jenelle?

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Now, get this. Only hours after Gary posted the pic, Jenelle tweeted, "Singleeeee :)" ... then Gary followed-up with a tweet about Jenelle being spied with ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp. Wuh-oh.

Long story short: Are these kids still in junior high?! These two are clearly nowhere near ready to tie the knot! And no, it's not even about the fact that Jenelle may have moved on so quickly already -- with her troublemakin' ex. Instead, it sounds like they (as a couple) and she (as a person and a mom) have waaay too many issues between them to make it as a married couple.

Oh, sure, we all have our issues, addictions, hang-ups, etc. And we bring those into a relationship -- and possibly, eventually our marriage. Regardless, I still feel like it serves the relationship and both people best if you've got those issues under control as much as possible, and you're in a, uhh, let's say ... more mature state of mind before you make that serious commitment. Not to mention that given their issues as a couple, it sounds like Gary may have been trying to use marriage as a band-aid for their relationship issues. And it should never be that.

Given her recent behavior, Jenelle is definitely not in the right "place" and state of mind for marriage right now. So thank goodness they broke up before Gary put a ring on it! 

Do you think it's best that these two broke up before they took a walk down the aisle?

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