'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: 'Glamping' Gets Ridiculously Rough for the Ladies

Heathe DubrowI can't believe we just watched almost an entire hour of The Real Housewives of Orange County going glamping. That's glamorous camping in case you're wondering. You know, where you get to go spend time with nature ... without even touching it. Yeah, the whole episode was pretty much that gag worthy. 

Gretchen Rossi couldn't go because her voice was still injured after screaming at Vicki Gunvalson, so she had to stay home and protect her vocal cords for the big upcoming Pussycat Dolls performance. Tamra Barney was still recovering from her breast removal surgery (and playing with the implants she saved) and couldn't go. Alexis Bellino was still moaning about her nose job, but since she was the organizer, she just took a hair and makeup assistant along to make sure she was okay.


So it was Alexis, her assistant, Vicki, Vicki's daughter, Briana, and Heather Dubrow who headed out to the wilderness ... which was about as wild as a petting zoo. It was basically a four-star resort with a little more outdoor space, but the ladies, of course, found it tough to rough it what with actual bugs outdoors, a lack of appropriate glasses for red wine, and an appalling lack of counter space in the bathroom.

For 24 hours they pretty much just drank wine and complained. A bug down Alexis's shirt and a skunk provided a few laughs, but the most interesting part of the whole escapade was watching the tension continue to build between Heather and Alexis. Surprisingly, without Gretchen there, Vicki seemed to like Alexis, but Heather was not to be swayed. She seemed suspect of everything Alexis said and called her phony (not to her face, but I'm waiting for that).

From her and Jim renting their house to her claim that she wears a fake diamond ring because she's scared to take the other, insured one out of the safe, what Alexis says just doesn't add up. And Heather seems determined to call her out for it. Tamra has tried, but I think Heather will be more effective. I hope so because Alexis needs to be taken down ... or at least taken down a notch. You can tell that Heather makes Alexis nervous too. But if she has her new BFF Vicki (who's still resentful of Tamra's friendship with Gretchen) on her side, and Heather and Tamra team up ... well, this could get good.

Most pathetic scene of the night: Alexis and her assistant dancing in the car. It was beyond painful to watch.

What did you think of their glamping experience? Do you think things will eventually explode between Heather and Alexis? Do you think Vicki and Alexis will actually become friends?


Image via Bravo

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