'Glee' Recap: Finchel Is No Match for Brittana & the Sex Tape

amber riley chris colferGleeks, I'm sorry, but it's time to break the news. The fate of Finchel may be the great question hanging over Season 3 of Glee. But the news that Brittany and Santana made a sex tape that came out of the "Saturday Night Glee-ver" episode just proves Brittana is the ice cream sundaes of primetime hotness next to Rachel and Finn's vanilla on-again/off-again high school romance.

Oh yeah. Sex tape baby. And in the spirit of what makes Glee worth watching even when the music fails to move us (seriously Ryan Murphy? DISCO?), this one was epic.


OK, so we saw nothing. The show airs at 8 p.m. Duh. But you try topping the mental picture of Brittany splicing footage of her cat, Lord Tubbington, cleaning out her dishwasher into the "private" film she made with Santana, then uploading it to the Internet to help make her girlfriend's dream of being famous come true.

Go ahead. I'll wait. You've got nothing, right?

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Face it. Heather Morris is a genius at playing an idiot. And Naya Rivera is just as good at belting out the songs, so good that the more solos they give her, the clearer it is that the graduation of Rachel Berry is hardly the biggest hit the New Directions are going to take this spring. Lea Michele fans had to see the writing on the wall when news came out that she'd be graduating while Brittany was staying in school, right? 

Beside, it's getting hard not to wonder if even the writers aren't getting a little fed up with the silly sniping of the self-centered Rachel at poor Finn when Santana gets to sing "If I Can't Have You" to her lesbian girlfriend, and Mr. Schue drives home the blatant reference to the marriage equality challenge. Grown-up relationship troubles? Sex tapes?

Sorry Finchel, but you've had your chance to try to woo us over to your side. Brittana is just so much more interesting!

Be honest: which Glee couple do you think deserves more screentime?


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