Maria Menounos & Derek Hough's 'DWTS' Kiss Was Totally Desperate (VIDEO)

maria menounos

Dancing With the Stars was certainly sizzling with quite a bit of sexual tension last night, but none of the performers got quite as steamy as Maria Menounos. You know, because she and partner Derek Hough kicked things up a notch by adding a kiss into their routine. Not that their salsa really needed sexing up -- considering they grinded on each other quite a bit, and Derek stripped off his shirt during the performance too. (Eye roll.)

Maria and Derek were no doubt trying to get high scores from the judges with their little smooch-fest, so they were pretty disappointed when Carrie Ann Inaba said the kiss was nothing but a sell-out. And honestly, I kind of agree with her on that one. You see how Derek is kind of waving his hand in the photo above? Yeah -- he's telling the cameraman to pan in closer on their lip lock. Totally desperate.


I mean -- why on Earth do DWTS cast members feel the need to make out on the ballroom floor and ignite romance rumors? (Oh yeah -- I forgot about that little thing called ratings.) It's pretty common knowledge that Maria has been dating the same dude, Kevin Undergaro, for like 10 years or something ridiculous. I seriously doubt she'd drop him like a bad habit after forming some sort of intense love connection with Derek after a matter of a few weeks.

And that brings me to another question: Why do so many women get all hot and bothered over Derek Hough? (Other than the fact that he really knows how to gyrate his hips.) I remember being kind of shocked when he and Shannon Elizabeth became a serious item after she appeared on the show a few seasons ago. And there have even been whispers that he and Katherine Jenkins are getting a little bit friendly behind the scenes this time around. Really?! I guess he's sort of cute in a boyish kind of way? Somehow I'm missing the boat on whatever is so appealing about him.

Still -- that kiss has people talking today. But if it is enough to carry them through this round -- how are they going to top their steamy moment next week?

To see Maria and Derek's sexy kiss, check out the video clip below. (FYI -- the kiss happens about a minute and five seconds in.)

Do you think Maria and Derek's kiss was hot?


Image via AwesomeArtistsLive/YouTube

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