If 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans WAS Cutting, We Should Be Sad for Her

Jenelle Evans, made famous by MTV's Teen Mom, isn't going to win Mother of the Year any time soon, but she is also not that strange for a teenager. Yes, she has problems, but if she hadn't had a child, most of those problems -- drugs, bad boyfriends, depression -- wouldn't be all that different than the ones faced by so many teenage girls and women in their early 20s. So why is her former "friend" Tori selling stories about her cutting?

It's pretty bad that a friend would sell her out, period. But even worse is WHAT she is selling out. Many young girls "cut" and it's not something they would like shared with the world.

The fact is, if it's true, this is a girl in pain and her "friends" are worse than enemies. Maybe Tori NEEDED to be hit.


It's pretty obvious that Jenelle has had problems long before she got pregnant with Jace. Her "friend" said:

[When Jenelle's parents split], it just messed with her head. Sometimes you [could] see the blood and stuff.

This is the problem with getting famous, of course, and Jenelle asked for her life to be scrutinized when she went on a reality show. But realistically, cutting isn't a laughing matter.

It isn't a piece of gossip, though, and it isn't some cry for attention. If Jenelle was cutting, she was doing so because of her bipolar disorder, her family problems, and pain she was trying to express physically. It's sad and a huge problem.

Cutting isn't funny or crazy and my guess is she isn't doing it on purpose to be made fun of (if she is doing it at all).

Jenelle never should have been a mom. She was an at-risk youth who made a permanent change in her life. Now that her son is here, one can only hope she will someday get it together, get better friends, and find new ways of expressing her emotions and dealing with her pain. Cutting isn't the way.

Do you think this story is true?


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