'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans & Her 'Good Mom' Act Aren't Fooling Anyone

Jenelle Evans JaceDo me a favor. Sit down. Oh, and swallow any substances in your mouth before you read this. I wouldn't want the latest on Teen Mom "star" Jenelle Evans to cause anyone to blow soda out their nose. Been there, done that, have the unpleasant memories to go with it.

So, you ready? OK then. Word has it Jenelle has a habit of posting updates to her social media accounts about hanging out with her son Jace when she isn't actually with the child. Why would she do that? Well, according to Jenelle's one-time bestie/current frenemy, Tori Rhyne, she is trying to make people think she's a good mom.


Oh. Oh. Oh. That is rich! I don't think I've laughed that hard in a good long time!

Either Tori was lying through her teeth when she spoke with Radar, or Jenelle Evans is more deluded than we ever thought possible. Darlings, I think it's safe to say the "good mom" ship has SAILED!

Let's start, for example, with the mere fact that Jenelle does not have custody of her own child, shall we? Or how about the number of times she and mom Barbara have gotten into screaming matches in front of little Jace? Ooh, ooh, I have one! How about the (countless) times Jenelle has chosen to lie in bed and throw herself a pity party instead of hauling her behind out from under the covers and lending a hand to care for the fruit of her womb?

And we could go into the countless trips to jail, the loser boyfriends ... but I think we have enough, don't we? Enough that the occasional Facebook post about how she's spending time with the child she created isn't really going to earn her breakfast in bed and a World's #1 Mom pendant any time soon?

I'd like to see Jenelle redeem herself one day. That poor little boy deserves better than the fate he's been given. But if she really wants to convince us that she's made it, she should give up on the talk about Jace and show us a little more action. Going a few months (OK, one WHOLE month) without any legal trouble would be a nice start.

What do you think it will take for you to believe Jenelle is a "good" mother?


Image via MTV

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