'Smash' Recap: The Movie Star Admits She Sucks (VIDEO)

smash umaSo yeah, the secret is out. That movie star they hired to rescue our Marilyn? Rebecca Duvall, as played by Uma Thurman. Well, she kind of sucks. She can't sing -- in fact, no one can remember who it was who thought she could. But the best Eileen can say about Rebecca's singing is that she was "wildly charismatic" on Saturday Night Live. In a meeting with Eileen, Tom, Julia, and Derek they start arguing about bringing Ivy back in. Or the Cartwright girl? But no -- they have to see things through with Rebecca. There must be some reason why she's such a big star. Right? Right?!?


Rebecca needles Derek about "too much singing and dancing" and not enough juicy scenes that "dig deep" into the character of Marilyn. What she really wants is a show that brings out the best in her, not a showcase for her non-singing, non-dancing self. 

Except, can she even act? In a scene about Marilyn studying under Lee Strasberg at the legendary Actor's Studio -- shudder. Ugh. I'll say this: Uma plays a bad actress so well. What kind of Marilyn is this?

But anyway, Rebecca asks Julia to write a big, juicy, actressy scene -- and Rebecca loves it! And demands a meeting with the crew for more notes. Eileen finally shows some spine and says she won't cave into more demands to turn the musical into a drama. Yay!

And then Rebecca shows up (super late) to drop the bomb: "You can't be afraid to tell me what you really think!" (Stunned silence.) Without actually coming out and admitting "I can't sing or dance!" she says as much by suggesting a lower key, fewer solos, and "I'm thinking of hiring a vocal coach. Do you think that would be a good idea?" VIGOROUS NODS ALL AROUND. Ah, yup, yup, yup. That's a Roger.

So they get back to work. A little tinkering, a little more rehearsals, and we get "Dig Deep," a musical number with Marilyn and Lee Strasberg. 

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to think. It's cute... it's fun. They're singing and dancing the whole time and yet, it's like Rebecca is hardly singing and dancing! And there's not a lot of passion behind her Marilyn. It seems superficial and too breathy. 

Meanwhile... Ivy and Karen are becoming closer frenemies, which I love. And Ivy is totally open to Karen about snatching Marilyn back once Rebecca is gone, understudy schmunderstudy. 

Tom has a hawt date with Sam! Who has a spiritual side and wants to take things slow with Tom -- and that just makes him hhhhhotter. "Trust me, my way is better." Ooh, I like Sam. I like him a lot.

Now can we please proceed with the Julia "I'm pregnant with Michael's baby" storyline already? I know it's coming. Just give it to me, baby.


How much longer do you think they'll stick with Rebecca Duvall as Marilyn?


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