'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Breaks the Bad Mom Cycle

Maci Bookout Kyle KingI've always looked at MTV's Teen Mom series as a sort of public service announcement. It's a "learn from these kids' mistakes ... or else" kind of show. But Maci Bookout and new boyfriend Kyle Regal may have just added another twist to the service of this show.

It looks like the young mom from Tennessee is learning from her own parenting mistakes on the small screen. And single moms of any age could use this cautionary tale to make their lives easier.


Maci says she's not letting little boy Bentley get too close to Regal any time soon. That doesn't sound like the Maci we've come to know and love on TV, but that's not exactly a bad thing.

In a tweet over the weekend, Maci said the two have become "friends," but admitted she's "holding off on allowing a close relationship to form too fast." The revelation came as part of an impromptu Q&A session with fans on Twitter, where she also made clear that Bentley is not calling Regal "Daddy," and admitted life has been tough since she and ex-boyfriend Kyle King broke up ... especially for Bentley.

Even though he's not the child's biological dad, King was like a stand-in father for little Bentley after he moved in with mommy and son, doing everything from babysitting when she was at college to helping him on and off the potty. When the duo split earlier this year, King's tweets about how much he missed his little buddy were painful to read. The guy seemed to really love the little man.

So you could just imagine what the pain was like from the other side. At least King was an adult who played a role in the break-up. Bentley had no choice about saying goodbye to a guy who'd been in his life as long as he could remember, and there's really no one to blame for that but his mom.

I should be clear: I don't begrudge Maci -- or any single mom really -- the chance to date after breaking up with her child's dad. Happy parents make for happy children. I look at stories of guys who will date a mom with kids as hope for women who are coming out of relationships, who need to know there are nice guys out there! Still, there's a responsibility that comes with being a single parent -- male or female. Your kid's heart comes first, and that means you have to use your head in relationships. If Maci hadn't dragged Kyle King so deeply into Bentley's life, that break could have been cleaner, and she wouldn't have what she calls "a difficult situation" on her hands now.

Seeing Maci learn from her mistake and try to do better this time around shows she's a pretty good mom, and it once again proves the merit of the Teen Mom series. It's not all Jenelle Evans getting arrested for drugs and Amber Portwood beating up her boyfriend. There are real lessons of real people in there too. And if you're lucky, you won't have to live through the same mistakes because they've done it for you.

When have you really connected with an issue one of the Teen Moms was going through?


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