Kelsey Grammer Is Too Old, Divorced & Pathetic to Get a Tattoo

Kelsey GrammerCamille Grammer could use a good laugh these days, and fortunately for her, her two-timing ex, Kelsey Grammer, has just given her one with his hilariously awful new tattoo. Over the weekend, the 57-year-old decided to get inked for the first time at a Chicago tattoo parlor.

Now, I have nothing against tattoos in general, and they're great for some people. Kelsey Grammer, however, is definitely not one of them, and his whole attempt to be cool or "hip" (pun intended, which you'll understand in a minute) is almost too sad to make fun of. Almost, but not quite. 


First of all, there's the placement. He chose not to get the tat on his bicep, back, or any other place men usually get tattoos. Rather he went low and got it on his actual HIP -- you know, where many women get tattoos. I feel sorry for the tattoo artist who had to go there.

The tattoo is of his new wife's first name, Kayte (awww), and it's about as scrolling and feminine as you can get. To each his own, but there's no denying that's one girly tattoo. Plus, he went all cheap (it was only $60), so it doesn't even look good. Not to mention the fact that it's a pretty risky move, considering he's on his FOURTH wife.

Christine Darbo, the grandmother of the tattoo artist, was present in the shop when Kelsey and Kayte came in. She told People, "I figured with his background he should just put a 'K' with a period to give him some flexibility." Ha, maybe he thinks this will help him from straying. Even better, according the Chicago Sun-Times, the 21-year-old receptionist had no idea who he was and asked for his identification!

The thought of him naked was bad enough before, but the images of him with this girly tattoo now just induce bouts of uncontrollable giggles and nausea.

But it's not all bad, because like I said, Camille could use a good laugh. After the divorce and unfortunate, murky split from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, at least she can get some satisfaction in knowing that he's forever marked with this ridiculous mark. There's no sweeter revenge than seeing your ex make an ass out of himself.

What do you think of Kelsey Grammer's new tattoo?


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